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Un-Hun System

Un-Hun – the Sound of Sun

Shamanic Sound System
of Nikolay Oorzhak and Dr.Vladislav Matrenitsky
for Self-Healing, Rejuvenation and Spiritual Development

Destination of system:

Using a Khoomei sound, learn how to use the internal energy to open the heart, develop a spirituality, improve the health and reach a longevity. 

 Program of study:

includes three levels with length depending on individual possibilities of practicing person.

 Level 1 –  Experience of Energy (Acquaintance with Power of Soul)

 On this level participants    learn the basic sounds of Khoomei – khoomei, kargyraa, sygyt.  This activate the primordial power of human’s Soul and  arouse the sources of life energy, enabling one to perceive the sounds on thin levels.  Activation of this sources – centers of energy, known from Yogic tradition as charkas – lead to restoration of  energy in the appropriate body organs, feeded by charkas. 

 Using the special breathing exercises and practice of  healing sounds, one will learn to control his or her internal power and listen the body,  strive with deceases  and manage with positive and negative emotions.

 Through the experience of Khoomei sounds one will get the base for healthy and spiritual living. The Sound, being transformed into energy,  is broaden the space of  mind and create the preconditions of  initial contact with Spirits of Heavenly Power.


Level 2 – Sounds of Soul.

      Here the learners, which study the system,  are able already to turn themselves away from every day’s bustle and touch the mystic world of sounds. They begin to understand themselves and their infinite world of desires. The power of sound allows them to get rid of contradictions in heart and be prepared to further discoveries.

      Overcoming of internal barriers lead person to qualitative changes in mind:  one will enjoy feeling of love to humans and try to pass them beauty of sound. On this level  the sounds, which practitioner able to utter, becomes strong and multicolored,  obtains the required pressure  and  beauty.  One is better now manage his/her energy channels, seize the upper and lower keys and creates the sound vibrations around, which can be perceived  by other people. With practice there come one’s own techniques of performing, while instrumental music appears as support to open the gates to the world of harmony.

      The energy accumulated is circulating in body and develop in human the primordial power of Soul, whichgradually uniting with Spirit of Earth and Spirit of Universe.


Level 3: The Path to Opening of Heart – the World and Me, Creator of Universe.

This step is pointed to realization of  Heart as a Temple of Spirit. The heart is opened by sound. Sound is connecting the heart and mind, and enable us to see another worlds and unite with them. 

The practitioner here is looking for real harmony in his/her body, listening  attentively under meditation to the world around.  He/she will not sound just anyhow, but attracts the sound to own internal space, as if merge with, by some “magic” power.  A kind of  circulating vortex is appearing, which by means of sound  is whirling  one’s accumulated energy and direct it to the head. This is the way to awake  the main enlightening energy source –  the Spirit of Ascension (known from Yoga as Kundalini).  In the course of training the inhale is conceived by the whole body, while the exhale is perceived as the sound wave.  The interaction of breathing and sound is becoming apparent as  modulations of harmonic sounding.  

    Every day’s practicing of  vibrational  sounding  leads not only to virtuosos  knowledge of all the Khoomei styles,  but also heal the body, open the heart, broaden the consciousness and open the path to higher worlds. The one who would reach this level is able now to help with sound: his/her voice  is healing the bodies and minds of patients.  

    The Un-Hun system can be studied by any person, looking for self-healing and self-realization. No previous music or singing experience is necessary.