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How to practice Gyuke. Attention! Video contains English subtitles


How to practice Gyuke. Attention! Video contains English subtitles

Ajoutée le 8 mai 2016

Gyuke is style of tibetan sacred throat sining. Attention! Video contains English subtitles. If you have benefited, you can support the project – https://www.paypal.me/Utukin or zosimma@gmail.com


Tibetan Tantric Overtone Chant


Uploaded on Oct 23, 2009
Nestor Kornblum sings “Deep Voice” overtone chant with monks of the Gaden Shartse -Tawon Kangtsen
Monastery on their 2007 tour of Spain. This form of chanting produces a “one voice chord” of 3 or more sounds from one single voice. It is called Tantric because it balances the masculine and feminine aspects of one’s energy system.