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The beautiful steppe by batzorig vaanchig


The beautiful steppe by batzorig vaanchig

21,940 views•Sep 2, 20201.3K7ShareSaveTemujiin Munkhbatiin 237 subscribers Batzorig Vaanchig on Facebook and Instagram Mongolia live: the beautiful steppe by batzorig vaanchig Batzorig vaanchig on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MongolianThr…​ Batzorig Vaanchig on Instagram: https://instagram.com/batzorigv?igshi…​ English lyrics: The sky stretches so wide, so beautifully The steppe overwhelms me with its vastness I’m on horseback like a true nomad On my way to a herder’s white felt ger. A long song reaches so far, so wonderfully A herder harmonizing with the nature A mother camel weeps from the music A horse-head fiddle softens her world. Mongolia, Mongolia It’s an amazing country Mongolia, Mongolia Such an exciting country It welcomes me, awes me and draws me back #BatzorigVaanchig#монгол#монголын#Батзориг#savethemongolianlanguage#mongolia#mongolianmusic#моринхуур#marcopolo#mongolialive