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Tibetan Lamas Chant Prayer with Overtone Singing, SPAIN


Mise en ligne le 10 nov. 2010

Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard sing Overtones and vocals with 3 Tibetan Lamas from the Gaden Shartse Monastery. Filmed in their Dome Centre in Spain, where they hosted the 8th World Tour for Inner Peace. The monks are chanting a prayer for Inner Peace and Compassion for all Sentient Beings.
Nestor y Michele cantan arm贸nicos y voz con 3 lamas tibetanos del monasterio Gaden Shartse. Filmado en La C煤pula durante la 8陋 Gira Mundial Por la Paz Interior. Los lamas estan entonando una oraci贸n para la Paz Interior y la Compasi贸n para todos los Seres Sintientes.

Tantra Overtone Chant-Balance the Yin and Yang, SPAIN


Mise en ligne le 28 oct. 2009

Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard use voice and Overtone Singing to balance and harmonise the Male and Female energies – A Tantric aspect of Sound
Nestor y Michele cantan arm贸nicos y voz para armonizar y equilibrar las energ铆as masculinas y femeninas- el Tantra de Sonido

Amazing Grace with Overtone Chant, SPAIN


Mise en ligne le 15 oct. 2009

Nestor Kornblum sings the melody of Amazing Grace using only the overtones (harmonics) in his voice. There are NO musical instruments or electronic effects involved.
Nestor is co-director and co-founder of the International Association of Sound Therapy, and also of Harmonics Inc. Nestor has a an OVERTONE GUIDE BOOK +CD available on http://www.soundhealing.net
Nestor Kornblum canta la melod铆a de esta canci贸n tradicional empleando solo los arm贸nicos de su voz NO HAY instrumentos ni efectos o manipulaciones! Su Libro-Gu铆a para aprender a cantar arm贸nicos se encuentra en la tioenda de su p谩gina http://www.sonidosquesanan.net.

Nestor Kornblum – Amazing Overtone Chant, SPAIN


Published on Sep 26, 2012
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Nestor Kornblum, mentor, sound therapist and certanly one of the best overtone singer worldwide, sings an Overtone Chant at “The Dome” at his home in Spain, a large structure especially designed for its spectacular acoustics which amplify the subtle tones of the voice and acoustic instruments. Nestor Kornblum, together with his wife Michele Averard, is also director of the Association of Sound Therapy. Beside having the pleasure to shoot this video I also had the privilege to be one of the students at their first 2 weeks sound healing intensive course.

Overtone Singing / Vocal Harmonics is an ancient shamanic technique which amplifies the overtones within the human voice, allowing one person to sing two or more notes simultaneously. These flute-like notes of pure frequency above the voice of the singer are recognised as having great therapeutic value. More information about Overtone Singing on: http://www.soundhealing.net

More information about Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard:

Web: http://www.soundhealing.net http://www.sonidosquesanan.net
YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/HarmonicV…
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NestorKornblu…

Video by the Soundworkers 螢鈭 惟 L U T 鈫 鈽 N

F谩tima Miranda-Concierto en Canto (28”54′ Resumen del Concierto), SPAIN


Published on Oct 3, 2013
* Original Idea, Direction, Musical composition and singer performer: F谩tima Miranda
* Photograph for “Alankara Skin”: Koldo Chamorro
* Lighting design: Andreas Grainer
* Stage consulting: Maite Hernang贸mez
* Costumes design and tailoring: “En Escena”
* Sound engineer: Andr茅s Vazquez Archdale
Note: All the vocal sounds produced in this concert are natural and the result of technics developed by F谩tima Miranda. The voice is supported by amplification, without electronic manipulation.
* SONAMBIENTE – Festival fiir Horen und Sehen – Berlin
* DAAD (Deutscher Akedemischer Austauschdienst) — Berlin
* Spanish Foreign Affeirs Ministery
* C.I.N.T. (Center for Images and New Technologies – Vitoria)

F谩tima Miranda – Voces de una Voz en 5 Octavas



F谩tima Miranda. perVERSIONES (52麓30″-Resumen del Concierto)

鈻 Original idea, direction and singer performer: F谩tima Miranda
鈻 Pianist and piano arrangements: Miguel 脕ngel Alonso Mir贸n
鈻 Photographs for the stage design: Chema Madoz
鈻 Lighting design: Jos茅 Manuel Guerra
鈻 Costume design and creation: Milagros Gonz谩lez Angulo
鈻 Cover Picture: Juanjo Delgado