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Pachelbel’s Canon – Overtone Singing


Pachelbel’s Canon – Overtone Singing

128,973 viewsOct 28, 20143K18ShareSaveOvertone Singing – Wolfgang Saus 1.36K subscribers Wolfgang Saus sings two melodies at the same time: bass & soprano of Pachelbel’s Canon simultaneously. It’s a short demonstration of polyphonic overtone singing skills (sometimes referred to as throat singing) used in special new classical compositions. The interesting thing about doing this with overtone singing is: the melody was always hidden in the overtones of the bass voice. Many ancient composers intuitively created “harmonic” melodies out of overtones of a basso continuo. Painting: „Aachener Farbflügel-Altar” by Günther Beckers. More information: http://www.oberton.org/pachhelbel-kanon/


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