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Nestor Kornblum – Amazing Overtone Chant


Ajoutée le 26 sept. 2012

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Nestor Kornblum, mentor, sound therapist and certanly one of the best overtone singer worldwide, sings an Overtone Chant at “The Dome” at his home in Spain, a large structure especially designed for its spectacular acoustics which amplify the subtle tones of the voice and acoustic instruments. Nestor Kornblum, together with his wife Michele Averard, is also director of the Association of Sound Therapy. Beside having the pleasure to shoot this video I also had the privilege to be one of the students at their first 2 weeks sound healing intensive course.

Overtone Singing / Vocal Harmonics is an ancient shamanic technique which amplifies the overtones within the human voice, allowing one person to sing two or more notes simultaneously. These flute-like notes of pure frequency above the voice of the singer are recognised as having great therapeutic value. More information about Overtone Singing on: http://www.soundhealing.net

More information about Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard:

Web: http://www.soundhealing.net http://www.sonidosquesanan.net
YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/HarmonicV…
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NestorKornblu…

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The Healing Voice with JILL PURCE, UK


Ajoutée le 24 mai 2014

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Jill Purce interviewed by Deepak Chopra

Jill and Deepak discuss many of the miraculous effects of sound, including the creativity of sound, mantra, resonance and overtone chanting (which Jill demonstrates). They talk about the healing and transformative effects of the voice, and the magical, liberating and healing effects of Jill’s Healing Voice work.

Check out Jill’s website at http://www.healingvoice.com