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Choduraa Tumat & Tyva Kyzy, Rep.Tuva, Siberia in concert, TUVA


Published on Feb 21, 2013
Tyva Kyzy (Daughters of Tuva) is recognized as first and, to date, the only group of women performing throat-sining in Central-Asia. Khöömei, or throat-singing in Tuvan, still remains a domain of male singers. Members of the group also command a wide spectre of female vocal and instrumental styles of Tuva, the land of the eagle. Instruments include chadagan (zither), byzaanchy, igil (both bow instruments) and toshpuluur (lute).
Fragment of their concert in Tropentheater in Amsterdam. Two songs of Tyva Kyzy, starting off the concert. “Сеткилимден сергек ыр-дыр (Cheerful Song of My Soul)”/ “Хомузум (My mouth-harp)”. Filmed by the Dutch production company Booz during the group’s tour in Europe in February 2012.

Tyva Kyzy: Setkilimden sergek yr-dyr (A Cheerful song from my soul) Female Throat Singing


Uploaded on May 17, 2011
Tyva Kyzy: “Daughters of Tuva”. Artists: Aylang-Maa Damyrang, Choduraa Tumat, Ayana Mongush, Aylang Ondar, Sholbana Denzin. Singing in the throat/overtone styles kargyraa, khömei and sygyt, traditional folk songs.

“There is a legend, they say, that many years ago it was a woman who began performing throat singing. It may be true. But the years are passing by, the time is changing. There was a time when women performers were rejected and from that time on women stopped performing throat singing. But now there are women ministers, women presidents. Why could there not be women throat singers?”