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Inside Steve Sklar’s Larynx: Sygyt, USA


Uploaded on Jul 24, 2007
Endoscopic video examination of my larynx while singing Tuvan sygyt style.

Things to notice: the extreme constriction of the vestibule of the larynx; compare this to the more open area around and at the vocal folds when I stop singing, and when I speak in normal voice. You can barely see the vocal folds when singing sygyt (they look almost like tiny teeth beneath the constriction).

Also, note the movement of the epiglottis (looks like a bright surfboard) with the harmonic melody. This is done by appropriate movements of the root of the tongue, to which it is connected.

Ever wonder how videos of the inside of the larynx are made? See this video about fibroscopy, used to make endoscopic videos: http://khoomei.com/videos/fibroscopy.mov

Kids, don’t try this at home!!!

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