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Bolot Bayrishev – Shaman, ALTAI


Mise en ligne le 22 déc. 2010
Bolot Bayrishev comes from the Russian Republic of Altay. He sings a folk tale in Russian language by using a particularly bold style of throat singing. (Originally posted to http://overtone.ru.)

Visit his site: http://bolot-bairyshev.ru/
Copyright Болот Байрышев|Анна Максимова © 2011

Болот Байрышев – “Шаман”

В небе звезды засияли,
Сопки тихо замирали,
Солнце световать устало –
Над тайгою ночь настала.

Буду спать. Закончен день.
Спит собака, спит олень.
И шаман один не спит –
С бубном у огня сидит.

Все камлает и поет,
Колотушкой бубен бьет,
То как зверь шаман рычит,
То как ворон закричит.

Мухи, птицы, прилетайте!
Мне, шаману, помогайте!
Из лесных своих соседей
Вызываю дух медведей.

О, тайга моя, тайга,
Помоги мне от врага!
Закручусь я, как юла,
И взмою в небо, как стрела.


Stars began to shine at the sky,

Hills silently died down…

The sun became weary of giving light –

Nihgt has come to Taiga.

I’m going to sleep. The day has come to an end.

The dog sleeps, the deer sleeps…

& only the Shaman is awake –

He sits by fire with his tambourine.

Singing his ritual songs,

Beating the tambourine,

Growling as an animal,

Crying as a raven.

“Flies, birds, come & help me, the Shaman!

I call the Spirit of bears from my forest neighbours.”

Oh, Taiga, my Taiga!

Help me to cope with the enemy!

As a top I’ll twirl

& will soar up in the sky, like an arrow.

(translated by A.Maksimova)