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Tyva Kyzy Ensemble in Japan, 2000

Tyva Kyzy Ensemble in Japan, 2000

1,478 viewsApr 27, 202040DislikeShareSaveChoduraa Tumat 162 subscribers Historical video of the first female throat singing Ensemble – Tyva Kyzy. Japan, Osaka, July, at the World Performing arts Festival 2000. Tyva Kyzy Ensemble members, Choduraa Tumat, Aylangmaa Damyran, Aylang Ondar, Nadezhda Kuular. In this festival also was invited musician from Tuva – Andrei Mongush. Recorded by Otkun Dostay. This video is a part of the DVD of the Ensemble Tyva Kyzy, “No comment” (published in 2009), produced by Choduraa Tumat, video edition and mixing Alexey Pirley.