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Throat singing of different nations


Throat singing of different nations

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El canto armónico ancestral y animista


El canto armónico ancestral y animista

Published on Sep 23, 2013

+ info: El canto armónico es un tipo de canto de origen remoto articulado por sonidos distintos de los habituales, emitiendo más de una línea musical simultáneamente. El cantante manipula las resonancias creadas más allá de las cuerdas vocales, y fuera de los labios, para producir una melodía. El foco de este canto parece estar en Mongolia, con un origen no lejos del Desierto del Gobi, y es practicado en todo el sur de Siberia; las Repúblicas rusas de Tuva, Altai, Buriatia y Jakasia. Estos cantos son propios de los pastores y nómadas conectados a la antigua tradición animista. El término “animismo” deriva del latín ánima, alma. Las ánimas son seres vivientes constituidos por partículas o campos que no presentan masa, que poseen razón, inteligencia y voluntad, viven fuera de la realidad material objetiva, y son antecesores de la naturaleza biológica. Están configuradas para vivir de forma individual o colectiva. Las ánimas pueden ser consideradas como Terrestres, según su larga permanencia en este planeta, o pueden proceder de otros globos. Estrechamente ligado al chamanismo, ambos, animismo y chamanismo son anteriores a las religiones y su origen se pierde en las profundidades del tiempo. + info:




Published on Oct 26, 2017

Women singing kargyraa and other styles: 0:07 Mongolian “kargyraa” by … 0:44 Overtone singing with Sardinian “su bassu” by Ilaria Orefice 1:30 African “umngqokolo” song by … 1:50 Tuvan “khovu kargyraa” by Choduura Tumat 2:18 Altai “Kai/kargyraa” by Cheinesh Baytushkina 2:37 U.s.a. “undertone/kargyraa” by Candida Valentino 3:09 Canada “inuit throat singing game” by … 3:32 Denmark “rhythmic growl (?)” by Eivør Pálsdóttir

Trill Noel – Mongolian Performance Live


Trill Noel – Mongolian Performance Live

Published on Apr 18, 2015

Today I did something very amazing. I performed live in front of a large crowd during the International Student Festival. I informed them about my love for the country and how I have become so close to the culture. I also told them that since our University has no students from Mongolia I wanted to make sure it was represented and played a part in the performance. After some convincing they allowed me to perform in the name of Mongolia. I stayed up all night practicing and did not sleep because I had only learned about this the night before. The crowd was completely amazed by the sounds of Mongolia. After the show many of them came up to me and took pictures and asked about the culture. I made sure that every person in the building would leave with the sound of Mongolia forever in their mind. They were so shocked and stunned by the music and overjoyed to have heard my performance. I feel so accomplished right now. I did my best to spread the culture today and it felt great. I know many more people are curious about this country now 🙂

Trillx3: Mongolian khoomei (mongol huumi) / Tuvan Throat Singing


Trillx3: Mongolian khoomei (mongol huumi) / Tuvan Throat Singing

Published on Sep 26, 2014

This video was created using three separate clips of myself throatsinging. I combined the video and audio tracks together and arrived at the video you now see before you 😛

Throat singing. Overtone Singing. Tuva. Tuvan Throat Singing. Marco Polo.

overtone singing- lesson 3: filtering the overtones by Anna-Maria Hefele


Published on Apr 7, 2015

Anna-Maria Hefele | http://www.anna-maria-hefele.com
Video by Thomas Radlwimmer |

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next step in overtone singing technique- the very important basic in getting strong overtones. It requires quite some practise, but it’s important to work on that.