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Overtones and Intervals by Bernd Michael Sommer, GERMANY


Uploaded on May 11, 2008
Overtone singing. You learn to sing a part of the overtone series with your normal voice. This helps you to identify the overtones in the overtone series. Featuring the overtone analyzer software by Bodo Maas and Wolfgang Saus

Orpheo’s Angel – Overtone Singing – Jan Heinke, GERMANY


Uploaded on Jan 6, 2009
Spectrogram of german overtone singer Jan Heinke singing his own composition “Orpheo’s Angel”.
Spectrogram created with Overtone Analyzer

Overtone Analyzer Quickstart Tutorial: record and visualize your voice


Published on Mar 10, 2013
This is a video version of the quickstart tutorial for Overtone Analyzer that can be found at The video explains the basic features of the software and how to use them to record and visualize your voice or instrument.

In particular, I’m showing you to set up your microphone, how to make a recording, how to play it back and listen to it, how to visualize the fundamental pitch, the spectrum, and the spectrogram, how to apply frequency filters to listen to individual overtones, and how to use the overtone sliders.

00:00 Introduction
00:17 Applying the Quickstart Profile
00:49 Select microphone and set input volume
02:20 Start recording, play tone on piano keyboard and sing it
03:14 Zoom and scroll frequency range and time range
04:52 Long-term view and short-term view
05:55 Replay a selection
07:07 Spectrum and Spectrogram
08:36 Frequency Filter
10:46 Overtone Slider
11:57 Conclusion

Normalized Spectrum for easy comparison of relative harmonic intensity in Overtone Analyzer


Published on Apr 11, 2013
This video shows how to compare the relative intensity of the harmonics in a recording with the new normalized spectral display in Overtone Analyzer. Instead of showing the absolute intensity in the spectrum, each point in time is scaled so that the loudest harmonic at that point has zero decibel, and the intensity of all other harmonics is relative to the loudest one. This makes it easier to visualize the spectral composition and the timbre of the sound.

The overtone singing is done by Wolfgang Saus (, and the software is Overtone Analyzer (