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Souffles / Breathings – Constantinople (Kiya Tabassian, dir.), Darlene Gijuminag & Mongun-ool Ondar

Souffles / Breathings – Constantinople (Kiya Tabassian, dir.), Darlene Gijuminag & Mongun-ool Ondar

8,774 viewsPremiered Oct 19, 20202194ShareSaveConstantinople 5.14K subscribers SOUFFLES / BREATHINGS Concert présenté le 21 février 2020 à la Salle Bourgie du Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal. Concert presented at the Salle Bourgie of the Montreal Fine Arts Museum on 21 February 2020. 00:00:00 Introduction de Kiya Tabassian 00:03:24 Gisoug / Rebirth – Darlene Gijuminag & Kiya Tabassian 00:13:22 Ene-Say / Edel’lamit – Mongun-ool Ondar & Darlene Gijuminag 00:24:06 Pish-Avaz – Kiya Tabassian 00:31:03 Nafas – Kiya Tabassian (poème de Hafez) 00:40:27 Sygyt, borban’, khöömey & mélodie traditionnelle de Touva – Mongun-ool Ondar 00:48:48 Ghitchou / Mazra-e Sabz-e Falak – Darlene Gijuminag & Kiya Tabassian (poème de Hafez) 01:00:28 Yrlap Chorur Urug – Mongun-ool Ondar 01:05:23 Raghs – Kiya Tabassian 01:12:38 Slow Breathing / Ghoutchamogh – Kiya Tabassian & Mongun-ool Ondar 01:20:28 Générique / Credits – SOUFFLES / BREATHINGS


Introduced to throat singing by his father and the great master Gennadi Tumat, Mongun-ool Ondar won the Grand Prize at the International Throat Singing Competition when he was only 16. He is considered the most gifted singer of his generation and has performed in concert around the world. In addition to his exceptional vocal mastery, Mongun-ool makes instruments such as the igil horsehead fiddle, the byzaanchy vertical spike fiddle and the doshpuluur lute for himself and his fellow Tuvan musicians.