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Sorhugtani Behi hatan with khoomii singer Lkhamragchaa


Sorhugtani Behi hatan with khoomii singer Lkhamragchaa

15,524 views•Premiered Jan 16, 20212K11ShareSaveBatzorig Vaanchig 182K subscribers Composed by Batzorig Vaanchig Sorhugtani Behi hatan with khoomii singer LkhamragchaaСорхугтани Бэхи хатны магтаал

Khuurkhun Khaliun by Batzorig Vaanchig


Khuurkhun Khaliun by Batzorig Vaanchig

25,194 views•Premiered Dec 18, 20202.6K5ShareSaveBatzorig Vaanchig 181K subscribers Khuurkhun khaliun is a Mongolian long song about a parent’s message to their children who are away from home. The song also illustrates to love their horses and to have patience in life. It is a ‘besreg’ long song. Besreg way of singing is with short verses, refrains, and melodic courses full of leaps and bounds. Lyrics phonetically: Khöörkhön khaliun Khöörkhön khaliun dolgin shüü Khöld ni üilchilgee bariarai Khünii gazar khetsüü shüü Khüleen baij dasaarai Khachin khaliun dolgin shüü Khazaaryg ni tataj mordooroi Khariin gazar khetsüü shüü Khairlan baij bolno Nariin khaliun dolgin shüü Nalaskhiigeed mordooroi Nasny baga ni genen shüü Nairsag khariltsaj yavaarai Lyrics in Mongolian: Хөөрхөн халиун Хөөрхөн халиун долгин шүү Хөлд нь сууж бариарай Хүний газар хэцүү шүү Хүлээн байж дасаарай Хачин халиун долгин шүү Хазаарыг нь татаж мордоорой Харийн газар хэцүү шүү Хайрлан байж дасаарай Нарийн халиун долгин шүү Наласхийгээд мордоорой Насны бага нь гэнэн шүү Найрсаг харилцаж яваарай

Hunnu Empire by Batzorig Vaanchig


Hunnu Empire by Batzorig Vaanchig

164,833 views•Premiered Oct 9, 202010K39ShareSaveBatzorig Vaanchig 181K subscribers Hunnu Empire is Batzorig Vaanchig’s original song. Music: Batzorig Vaanchig Lyrics: Batzorig Vaanchig Special thanks to: Mongolia Live. Lyrics: Хүннү гүрэн Төв азийн элэгнээс Дэлхийн талыг эзлэхдээ Хүлэг сайн морьдын туурайнд Тэнгэр газрыг ниргүүлж Энэ орчлон замбуутивийн Түүхийн хуудсыг эргүүлж Хүннү гүрний нүүдлийн цуваа Өдөр шөнөгүй хөвөрсөөр Тэнгис далайг гаталсаар Газрын холыг туулсаар Гол мөрнийг гэтэлсээр Улс гүрнийг эзэлсээр Empire of Hunnu When conquering the world From the heart of Asia When conquering half of the World From the heart of Asia Made the sky and earth thunder Under the hooves of great horses Made the pages of history Of this world turn Nomadic caravan of Hunnu Empire Travels day and night Crosses sea and ocean Travels over far distance Crosses the rivers Conquers kingdoms and states

How to Easily Throat Sing (Khoomei Style)


How to Easily Throat Sing (Khoomei Style)

How to Easily Throat Sing (Khoomei Style)

2,251 views•Dec 27, 20202382ShareSaveHachapuri 1.75K subscribers Hello! =) It took me some time to make another video, but here it is!

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The first parody scene of Matrix was really tricky to shoot and I messed up the audio because of some mistake. Of course, there is so much to tell you about these singing styles but I compressed the essential steps and delivered them in one short video. The intro music was done by ElectroKaplosion, check out his channel!…​ Isgeree/Sygyt demonstration’s original video:…​ Some of the background sounds in the video were taken from a website – My clones helped me out with shooting the video and punching me in the stomach

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The beautiful steppe by batzorig vaanchig


The beautiful steppe by batzorig vaanchig

21,940 views•Sep 2, 20201.3K7ShareSaveTemujiin Munkhbatiin 237 subscribers Batzorig Vaanchig on Facebook and Instagram Mongolia live: the beautiful steppe by batzorig vaanchig Batzorig vaanchig on Facebook:…​ Batzorig Vaanchig on Instagram:…​ English lyrics: The sky stretches so wide, so beautifully The steppe overwhelms me with its vastness I’m on horseback like a true nomad On my way to a herder’s white felt ger. A long song reaches so far, so wonderfully A herder harmonizing with the nature A mother camel weeps from the music A horse-head fiddle softens her world. Mongolia, Mongolia It’s an amazing country Mongolia, Mongolia Such an exciting country It welcomes me, awes me and draws me back #BatzorigVaanchig#монгол#монголын#Батзориг#savethemongolianlanguage#mongolia#mongolianmusic#моринхуур#marcopolo#mongolialive

Hotgoidiin Unaga by Batzorig Vaanchig with Maral


Hotgoidiin Unaga by Batzorig Vaanchig with Maral

53,472 views•Premiered Feb 10, 20217.1K19ShareSaveBatzorig Vaanchig 180K subscribers ENJOY THIS SONG THAT I PERFORMED WITH MY DEAR DAUGHTER MARAL! This is a prominent song about strong racehorses, and the song itself is well recognized and sang by everyone in the country. ‘Hotgoidiin Unaga’ refers to a horse that of Hotgoid tribe of Mongolia. Once upon a time, there was a poor man with a beautiful light bay horse. Once he decided to race his beautiful light bay horse at the Great Naadam Festival. But when the local noble met him, he mocked at him and said “If your light bay horse wins the Naadam Festival, I’ll give you my flock of stallions.” At that festival, that beautiful light bay horse came far ahead and made the owner happy and famous. Moreover, he jumped down throat of rich nobles. Since then, the beautiful light bay horse has won seven times until its age of 25. It is worth to mention that Mongolians have been herding livestock, especially horses for thousands of years. Horses are being used by brave Mongolian men for hunting and war. Mongolian men are adorned with beautiful and good horses, who race hundreds of horses for Naadam festivals and who have revered the horses even in the coat of arms of their state. Audio: Anir sound records Video: Huleg studio *** If you like this video, please click the like button, comment, and subscribe to my channel. You can follow me on social media: Instagram: @batzorigv Facebook: @ThroatSingerBatzorigV Twitter: @Batzorig Vaanchig

Batzorig, Baatarhuu – Durvun nastai haliun / Hug Jim21/


Batzorig, Baatarhuu – Durvun nastai haliun / Hug Jim21/

9,159 views•Premiered Feb 13, 20211571ShareSaveE studio 13.5K subscribers #Batzorig#Baatarhuu#DurvunNastaiHaliun​ Follow​​ ✉️ © E studio 2021 Дөрвөн настай халиун Дөрвөн настай халиун нь Дөрөө жийхэд ергөөтэй Дөрвөлжлөөд харагдах бараа нь Халхын дөрвөн хансар уу даа Таваар тавьсан гэзэг нь Талын бутуул шиг саглайнаа ай хө Таньж мэдэхгүй Чивчин Баргатай Танилцсан миний заяа байж ээ

«Khoomii» o canto difónico gutural. Kharkhorin. Mongolia.


«Khoomii» o canto difónico gutural. Kharkhorin. Mongolia.

Published on Sep 28, 2015

El canto difónico llamado «Khoomii» o canto gutural está muy extendido en Mongolia y en toda Asia Central. Es una reverberación generada forzando las cuerdas vocales y que utiliza además la boca y la lengua y que produce varios (normalmente dos) sonidos alrededor de un armónico. Utiliza, como en el canto de la ópera, todas las cavidades del cráneo y se suele acompañar de algunos instrumentos sencillos como el «morin khuur» (морин хуур). En este caso, es un solo grabado en Kharkhorin, el 20 de agosto de 2015 por el maestro del grupo Erdene Zuu.