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Khusugtun Band Takes Listeners Back To Mongolia | Asia’s Got Talent Semis 2


Khusugtun Band Takes Listeners Back To Mongolia | Asia’s Got Talent Semis 2

Ajoutée le 23 avr. 2015

Khusugtun Band’s hypnotic throat singing takes listeners back thousands of years to the majestic mountains of Mongolia. David loves it so much he declares Khusugtun the One Direction of Mongolia!

Khusugtun – Mongolian Throat Singing (Overtone Singing) (Full HD)


Ajoutée le 4 mars 2014

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Tremendous 呼麦 Mongolian Throat Singing (Overtone Singing) (Live HD) To download this as mp3 or video file,go to: To download this as mp3 or video file,go to:… go to to download this music as an mp3
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Human Planet Proms – Khusugtun – Mongolia

Uploaded on Aug 7, 2011

Human Planet Proms, ft Khusugtun – Mongol
The word ‘khusug’ means a cart used by pastoral nomads, and Khusugtun means the nomads who move with these carts. More generally, the word describes the process of moving camel, horse and yak caravans across the vast Gobi Desert. This transfer of peope and animals is at the heart of traditional Mongolian life.
Whole communities are packed up and put on the back of a khusug when the land turns fallow or the winter sets in. From the words of the songs, to the horse-head fiddles they use, Khusugtun capture and evoke movement: this positive, forward-moving energy, tinged with the melancholy of farewell. They are a group who perform songs that Genghis Khan himself would have heard, as well as preserving and bringing the 21st century traditions that hang on a thread, as many Mongolians make one last journey, leaving the Gobi Desert and heading to the city for a new life. {taken from BBC Program notes/ James Parkin}




We are a group of Mongolian folk musicians with the objective of bringing Traditional Mongolian music to the world. We are inspired by our nomadic ancestry and by our historic civilization. In addition to the traditional instruments of our group, we also incorporate the breath taking throat singing of our forefathers. We hope you can feel the passion and pride in our music as strongly as we do.

We are KHUSUGTUN….conveyors of the Mongolian nomadic culture.




Head, horse-head fiddle, throat singer, guitarist, composer 

Born in 1976 in Ulaanbaatar city

1989-1996 College of Music and Dance as Musician




Horse-head fiddle player, throat singer

Born in 1977 in Galuut soum, Bayankhongor province

1985-1995 The 10-Years’ Secondary School of Bayankhongor province,

1995-2000 Horse-head fiddle class of the Institute of Culture, Ulaanbaatar city graduated as Teacher of music and Musician.



Zither player

Born in 1985 in Bulgan soum, Khovd province

1993-1996 The 10-Years Secondary School of Bulgan soum, Khovd province,

1997-2003 College of Music and Dance as Musician,

2003-2007 University of Culture and Art, Faculty of zither as Solo, Teacher.

Since 2008 worked as a Solo Musician at the Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble and in 2009 has taken part to establish the “KHUSUGTUN” Group under the named Ensemble where have been working as a solo musician continuously till today and at the same time since 2010 has been working as a teacher of zither at the University of Culture and Art.



Horse-head fiddle player, throat singer

Born in 1989 in Ulaanbaatar city

1996-2009 Graduated as a Solo Musician from the College of Music and Dance.



Cellist, tovshuur (lute player) and throat singer

Born in 1989 in Ulaanbaatar city

1997-2007 Graduated as a Musician of cello from the College of Music and Dance.



Fifer, throat singer and percussion musician

Born in 1981 in Ulaanbaatar city

1988-2000 graduated the folk flute class of the College of Music and Dance, specialized as musician,

2001-2005 Art critic and teacher of the National University of Mongolia.