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Overtone Singing

Wolfgang Saus reveals the secret of the art of singing two notes at the same time.Hearing Test* This field is required
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MRI | Sehnsucht nach dem Frühlinge (Mozart) | Anna-Maria Hefele


MRI | Sehnsucht nach dem Frühlinge (Mozart) | Anna-Maria Hefele

262,362 views•Apr 27, 20176.6K50ShareSaveAnna-Maria Hefele 119K subscribers Anna-Maria Hefele: harp, voice, overtone singing |​ want to learn overtone singing? New video workshop!​ ⇊⇊⇊ more info: ⇊⇊⇊ my ECM – album got released!​ video: @Thomas Radlwimmer​ |​ MRI recordings: Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Richter |​ sign up for my newsletter!​ If you want to learn more about it and how to do it yourself:​ the DVD with more insights into the voice can be ordered here:​ music: “Sehnsucht nach dem Frühlinge” (longing for springtime) composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, arranged, performed and recorded by Anna-Maria Hefele What you see in this dynamic MRI-recording is the tongue movement in the vocal tract while doing overtone singing and normal singing. The positions of the tongue forms the resoncance cavities which delete all not-wanted overtones in the sound of the voice at a certain point in time, and then amplify a single overtone that is left, which can be heard as a seperate note above the fundamental. The MRI recordings were made by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Richter, Prof. Dr. Matthias Echternach and Dr.- Ing. Michael Burdumy in the University Medical Center Freiburg, Institute for Musician’s Medicine.​ – thank you so much for the kind permission to use the MRI-footage in order to share this fascinating singing-insight with the world! The team of doctors in Freiburg developed a highly specialized equipment for recording and and also filtering sound in the MRI-machine. This recording is made while using a pre-produced playback on headphones in the really loud MRI-machine while lying on the back. A lot of more of very interesting MRI- and endoscopy- recordings of various singers and vocalists (classical singers, overtone singers, yodellers, beatboxers….) are published on a DVD @ Helbling. “Die Stimme: Einblicke in die physiologischen Vorgänge biem Singen und Sprechen” “The Voice: Physiological Insights in Singing and Speaking” You can order it here:​ This video is under copyright. Please feel free to repost and embedd the video while using its original YouTube-Link:​ . No download & re-uploading on other websites, social networks or channels. If you want to get a license for the video or parts of it please contact me (via….​) AND the copyright owners of the MRI-footage at the Institute for Musicians Medicine Freiburg (​). Thanks for showing respect to the creative artist of your choice!!!

canon in overtonesinging by Wolfgang Saus & Anna-Maria Hefele


canon in overtonesinging by Wolfgang Saus & Anna-Maria Hefele


Published on Aug 8, 2017

famous canon sung by Wolfgang Saus & Anna-Maria Hefele at the International Congress of Voice Teachers in Stockholm, 2017. Wolfgang Saus: Anna-Maria Hefele: ICVT: cought on tape by Lisa Popeil 😉



Ode an die Freude …auf sechs Obertönen


Ode an die Freude …auf sechs Obertönen

Published on Mar 7, 2008 Der Obertonsänger Miroslav Großer singt als Zugabe bei einem Konzert in Berlin die berühmte Melodie der Ode an die Freude von Ludwig van Beethoven auf einem stabilen Grundton mit sechs Obertönen. Nächste Workshops für westlichen Obertongesang: in Berlin: 19. März, 25. Juni, 24. Sept., 26. Nov. 2016 in Hamburg: 29. Mai, 6. Nov 2016 CD´s und mp3 mit Obertongesang (inklusive Lern-CD):… Alles Gute für Sie und Ihre Stimme wünscht mit klangvollen Grüßen Miroslav Großer

How to amplify your OVERTONES: Part 2/2


How to amplify your OVERTONES: Part 2/2

Uploaded on Aug 9, 2011…
workshops and concerts worldwide…
CD “Sounds of Light – Overtone Singing Solo”

lessons in Berlin or per phone/skype:…

Alle Workshops zum Erlernen des westlichen Obertongesangs
findest Du unter…

How to sing OVERTONES: Part 1/2


How to sing OVERTONES: Part 1/2

CD “Sounds of Light – Overtone Singing Solo”…

more about Miroslav Grosser and his vocal art:…

individual sessions in english in Berlin or per phone/skype
overtone/nada yoga workshops and concerts worldwide

additional information to sing the vowel technique:
1. Relax
2. Hum a steady base note and allow the vibration to spread out through your whole body
3. Choose a vowel and sing it loud and strong, but relaxed
4. Practise to change one vowel into another in a gliding manner (try different vowels)
5. Go back and forth between u and e so slow as you can and listen carefully to the stepwise change of the sound
6. Try to reduce the speed more and more to hear the
subtle jumps of the harmonics better and better
7. Stop the flow of time like a film and sing a steady base note AND a steady overtone in the same time
8. Try to reproduce the changing of harmonics in small steps to learn the natural scale of harmonics
9. Start to sing little melodies with the overtones
10. Try to change the base note during singing overtones

PS: There are techniques to amplify the loudness of the overtones. I recommend to learn this vowel based technique at first to get better results.

lessons in Berlin or per phone/skype:…

With best regards
Miroslav Grosser

AlienVoices – organs a capella, GERMANY


AlienVoices – organs a capella

Ajoutée le 5 juil. 2016

AlienVoices – Kolja Simon and Felix Mönnich
polyphonic overtone- and throatsinging

mongolian and tuvan throat singing, khoomei, sygyt, kargyraa, polyphonic overtone singing, beatbox, Obertongesang, Kehlgesang

Kolja Simon and Felix Mönnich founded AlienVoices in 2006. They combine their
overtone and throat singing with electronic music and tribal beats.

(sygyt, khoomei, kargyraa, katajjaq, mongolian & tuvan throatsinging, mongolischer Kehlkopfgesang, polyphoner Obertongesang, Inuit Kehlgesang, human beatbox, sounds of nature, construction machinery, harmonic chanting, polyphonic singing, mouth percussion, alien voices, synthesizers)
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