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Pachelbel’s Canon – Overtone Singing


Pachelbel’s Canon – Overtone Singing

132,286 viewsOct 28, 20143.1KDislikeShareSaveOvertone Singing – Wolfgang Saus 1.4K subscribers Wolfgang Saus sings two melodies at the same time: bass & soprano of Pachelbel’s Canon simultaneously. It’s a short demonstration of polyphonic overtone singing skills (sometimes referred to as throat singing) used in special new classical compositions. The interesting thing about doing this with overtone singing is: the melody was always hidden in the overtones of the bass voice. Many ancient composers intuitively created “harmonic” melodies out of overtones of a basso continuo. Painting: „Aachener Farbflügel-Altar” by Günther Beckers. More information: http://www.oberton.org/pachhelbel-kanon/


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Only 1 Out Of 20 Can Hear This Melody – Take the Hearing Test


Only 1 Out Of 20 Can Hear This Melody – Take the Hearing Test

15,082 viewsApr 19, 2019285DislikeShareSaveSygyt Software 460 subscribers Train your perception to hear the harmonics in your voice with this hearing test created by the voice researcher Wolfgang Saus: https://www.oberton.org/en/hearing-te… Spectrogram made with “VoceVista Video” by Sygyt Software: https://www.sygyt.com

“Ihr Kinderlein, kommet” – Wolfgang Saus – Polyphonic Overtone Singing / Obertongesang


“Ihr Kinderlein, kommet” – Wolfgang Saus – Polyphonic Overtone Singing / Obertongesang

9,006 viewsDec 24, 2014103DislikeShareSaveOvertone Singing – Wolfgang Saus 1.4K subscribers German Christmas Carol by J.A.P. Schulz 1794. Find out more and download the scores for free on http://www.oberton.org/?p=1588 Wolfgang Saus sings bass and melody simultaneously with polyphonic overtone singing technique. It’s an easy version, download the scores and music for free and try singin along. Michael Reimann – keyboards – http://www.michaelreimann.de Wolfgang Saus – overtone singing – http://www.oberton.org Video credit: Falling snow by Matt S – http://vimeo.com/mattsfilms – CC BY 3.0 —————————————————————————- Deutsches Weihnachtslied von J.A.P. Schulz 1794. Mehr dazu und kostenlose Noten: http://www.oberton.org/?p=1588 Wolfgang Saus singt Bass und Melodie gleichzeitig mit polyphoner Obertongesang-Technik. Es ist eine einfache Version, lade Dir die Noten kostenlos herunter und versuche mitzusingen. Eine gute Übung für mehrstimmiges Obertonsingen. Michael Reimann – Keyboard – http://www.michaelreimann.de Wolfgang Saus – Obertongesang – http://www.oberton.org Video: Falling snow von Matt S – http://vimeo.com/mattsfilms – CC BY 3.0