Nachyn Choreve @ Cryptatropa


509 viewsMar 11, 202033DislikeShareSavefixed positions 29 subscribers International wildman rocker Nachyn Choreve performs a million dollar concert for just a couple bux at Cryptatropa in Olympia, WA.

0:48 Igil and khoomei solo(?)

7:40 Kara Duruyaa (Black Crane)

12:26 Kyngyrgay-Kon

16:30 Daglarym (My mountains)

22:34 Kongurei

28:28 Dembildey

33:50 Kargyraa

38:10 Khomudal (Lonely Man)

43:56 Eki Attar (Good Horses)

47:33 Khöömei

52:10 Khomus and throat singing duet

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