How to SING Tuvan/Mongolian Throat Singing (Khoomei-Sygyt) TUTORIAL – READ THE DESCRIPTION

How to SING Tuvan/Mongolian Throat Singing (Khoomei-Sygyt) TUTORIAL – READ THE DESCRIPTION

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Finally, It’s here! Make sure to leave a like if you benefitted from my teachings. Don’t forget to practice everyday.


00:00 Introduction

00:12 Preview

01:04 Drink water

01:52 A beginner WILL suck, and it’s OK 03:22 What is Khoomei? 03:40 The dangers of FAKE tutorials 04:31 Alex Glenfield – GREAT teacher (check him out!)

05:18 Reasons for making this Tutorial

05:54 Who the hell am I anyway?

06:54 Four Voices of Khoomei

07:12 How the human THROAT works

07:40 The science of Khoomei CONSTRICTION

08:18 The TWO Harmonic voices

09:35 Important INFO about the Harmonic/Khoomei Voice

09:46 Having an “Electro Larynx”

10:04 Close-UP to WHERE the sound comes from in the throat ===The RULES of Khoomei [VERY IMPORTANT]===

10:48 RULE 1 – Take care of your HEALTH

11:31 RULE 2 – Khoomei requires quite a lot of physical STRENGHT

12:43 RULE 3 – Drink WATER 12:46 RULE 4 – POSITION – Keep your back STRAIGHT

13:41 RULE 5 – A beginner shall sing SITTING DOWN

14:53 Position continued


18:30 RARE Footage of Matei Blin demonstrating RULE 3

18:40 Learning the Harmonic Voice

19:02 Mongolian Harmonic/Huumii voice

20:24 Tuvan Harmonic/Khoomei voice

21:04 Don’t get LOST in your throat

21:36 Normal, Mongolian, Tuvan voice

22:11 Khoomei has over 100 STYLES! ===KHOOMEI===

23:10 Style: KHOOMEI

23:25 Tuvan KHOOMEI demonstration

24:50 Mongolian KHOOMEI demonstration ===SYGYT===

25:40 Style: SYGYT

26:18 Tuvan SYGYT demonstration

26:55 Mongolian SYGYT demonstration

27:50 Imitate it

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