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Inhale Singing – Lowest Vocal Technique EVER – Ingressive Phonation – Inward Bass Beatbox

Inhale Singing – Lowest Vocal Technique EVER – Ingressive Phonation – Inward Bass Beatbox

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Dr. Phillager

Dr. Phillager

1 year ago (edited) ive done this for years as well, it’s fun to do. For getting over the passaggios you can use the same principles as for high singing (vowel modifications) and the more you can control the amount of air you breathe in, the stronger the note will be. The difference between starting and getting resonant low notes is precisely in the fact you don’t literally gasp air but inhale controllably. It is basically reverse singing in every sense of the word. It’s not unused though, some people can’t hit whistle register normally and inhale to get to those notes plus they expand your range a lot (I can get to around B7 with controlled inhale whistles, I’ve learned how to do scales with them and can basically sing 7th octave notes on command, 8th octave is a little more difficult xd). It’s prevalent in the metal world especially where there’s also inhale distortion. For low notes I haven’t heard anybody do it either. Theory wise, classical singers know about this but it is regarded as an “untrue” way to sing and is always shunned, even places like TheRangePlace which is all about vocal extremes will completely shun and disregard inhaled notes. There’s lots of prejudice about it so that’s why research on it is rare, almost non-existent…and also bass techniques are never talked about in general since people usually just want to sing high notes. It’s about time we start exploring the lower ends of the voice as well xd