Harmonic kiss 01 02 2009 by BACH YEN & TRAN QUANG HAI


Harmonic kiss 01 02 2009

1,060 viewsFeb 1, 200961ShareSaveQuangHai Tran 7.09K subscribers Bạch Yến & Trần Quang Hải practise the harmonic kiss . It is the 3rd time they have done it. Limeil Brevannes, Sunday February 1st, 2009

This is one of the exercice of musictherapy I have proposed to the people who work with me . I don’t sing any sound . I play the role of external resonator while the other person sings one note with one pitch . I try to catch her sound in my mouth and I modify the mouth cavity in order to change the volume of space and thus to vary overtones. The 2 persons have no right to touch the lips . This harmonic kiss is a fake kiss and it has nothing to create the weird aspect .

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