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Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences 1 (2009 3) 80-93
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УДК 78.01:397
Tuvan Music and the Twentieth Century
Valentina Yu. Suzukei*
Tuva State University
36 Lenin st, Kyzyl, Republic Tyva, 667000 Russia 1
Received 11.02.2010, received in revised form 18.02.2010, accepted 25.02.2010

The twentieth century was the first in the entire centuries-long history of the Tuvans to bring about
a revolutionary transformation of musical life. This transformation occurred both as a result of the

change from a nomadic way of life to a sedentary one, and as a result of the introduction of new

musical forms and ideas. This social transformation had both positive and, to a negative results. In this

article are considered some base parameters of the tuvan music culture, which, in spite of social and

political transformations, save own specific configuration stability that itself is new and topical.

Keywords: Tuva, the music culture of Tuvans, the traditional musical instruments, khoomei (throat
singing), the drone-overtone music.

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