Voyage en Diphonie – En anglais, visible librement pour quelques jours – COMPETITION SELECTION – NIFFFI 2021 –


O5ctotbterS ao0l3t0 fat 2:25f5u8o Pr5M  · Journey into Khoomii (Voyage en Diphonie) by J.F. Castell is an amazing film that chronicles the unique tour to the most beautiful world music stages in France and Switzerland by Johanni Curtet and his wife Nomindari along with 12 Khöömii performers and musicians from different provinces of Mongolia who enliven and advance the art of Khöömii today.

This Khoomii or throat singing is a particular variant of overtone singing practiced by people in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Tuva and Siberia. These Khöömii representatives, who were of different gender and age groups and diverse backgrounds, voluntarily participated in conducting research and scientific investigations on this unique traditional method of throat singing at reputed laboratories and research centers like C.N.R.S., Gipsa-lab and C.H.U. of Grenoble. The documentary traces their visit from the inside, the intertwined stories: the foundations of an ethno-musicological, ethical and fair approach; the mystery of khöömii, its deep relation to nature and its transmission; the restitution of the anthology in Mongolia during the summer of 2017 to the khöömii performers and to the families of deceased musicians present on the recordings; and the personal adventure of Johanni and Nomindari with the incredible individuals.

The Mongolian Traditional Art of Khöömii (throat singing) has been inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, and the research of Johanni Curtet and his spouse, Nomindari Shagdarsüren, as well as the recordings published by their association, Routes Nomades, have contributed to its nomination dossier. Following this, Johanni and Nomindari have spent six years preparing a double-disc,

An Anthology of Mongolian Khöömii, to become a key work of reference on Khöömii. Directed by Jean- François CastellEditing by Andrew ColwellEnglish Translation by Nomindari Shagdarsuren and Johanni Curtet…www.nifffi.comBrought to you byVayali Folklore Group (Founder Partner)Roots Video (OTT Partner)ASTI (Design Partner)Sahapedia (Outreach Partner)IGNCA (Event Partner)Centre for Intangible Heritage Studies, SSUS, Kalady (Academic Partner)Films Division of India (Event Partner)

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