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Here we do our best to explain the method for throat-singing. You’ll find that basic throat-singing can be mastered surprisingly easily. So have a go!
To improve your throat-singing, vocalization and mouth-shaping should be mastered through trial and error. It’s a bit like learning to ride a bicycle (success only comes after many falls, right?)
Go for it, Dude/Babe, Boys ‘n’ Girls! Be ambitious! You’ll soon be a throat-singer!

STEP 0: Introduction

There are two important things you must master to be able to throat-sing: Firstly, the correct shape of your mouth, including your tongue and lips. Secondly, vocalization. You can master elementary throat-singing just by following the directions given in the seven steps below.
For each step, the method is written based on my personal technique, so I hope you find them useful as a guide until you find the technique which best suits you.
Here we go…

STEP 1: The shape of the mouth
STEP 2: The location of the tip of the tongue
STEP 3: The mouth as a resonator
STEP 4: A small vent-hole
STEP 5: The volume of the resonator
STEP 6: Vocalization
STEP 7: Hints and tips

More Throat-Singing Instructions

Allow me to introduce another WWW description of throat-singing technique by Dan Bennett.

Special thanks to Dan. He translated all of these instructions!

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