Paul Pena-Blues”The Tuvan Way”


Paul Pena-Blues”The Tuvan Way”

85,682 viewsMar 2, 20083155ShareSaveStringmeester 746 subscribers Nice snippet from a documentary about american blues (and throat) singer Paul Pena visiting Tuva. “Have National, will travel!”



4 years ago This documentary is an absolute must watch. Paul Pena’s journey to Tuva, before he died, as a blind man alone is a magnificently humane story. His respect for the people, and they way they took to him because of his genuine interest in their music is very touching. For this journey alone, to a land that Richard Feynman dreamed of but never made it, Paul Pena should be remembered. When you respect another’s culture to immerse yourself in it, it is a mark of great respect and the re-making of a great human being. 37

Kiva Simova

Kiva Simova

10 years ago I was there, the only female foreigner to also perform at the Symposium. Paul was very humble and sweet. He actually was awarded an honorary prize for his kargyra. They treated him like royalty. If you’d like to know more, contact me for loads of info. 49

Jonathan Sarfati

Jonathan Sarfati

4 years ago Both these great artists have since died, unfortunately. They complemented each other well, with Kongar-ool Ondar specializing in the higher-pitched form of throat-singing called sygyt, and Paul Pena’s naturally deep voice lending itself to the kargyraa style. The announcer and sighted guide is none other than Dina Ivanovna Oyun, current Mayor of the Tuvan capital Kyzyl.

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