Altai Yatga & Khoomei – “Durvun Uul”


Altai Yatga & Khoomei – “Durvun Uul”

205 viewsAug 22, 2021270ShareSaveRowan Hartsuiker 2.35K subscribers The Altai Yatga. What a beautiful, yet simple instrument. I’m still into my early hours of practicing. But here’s a first try of one of my old time favorite Mongolian melodies “Durvun Uul”. This Mongolian instrument, the Altai Yatga (“Altai Harp) was only “rediscovered” in 2008! It laid next to a person in a cave high on Jargalant Khairkhan Mountain. The instrument was in remarkable condition having lain undisturbed for an estimated 1400 years! The instrument I hold is the result of a lot of research and dedication. It is very true to the original design they found in 2008

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