Hotgoidiin Unaga by Batzorig Vaanchig with Maral


Hotgoidiin Unaga by Batzorig Vaanchig with Maral

53,472 views•Premiered Feb 10, 20217.1K19ShareSaveBatzorig Vaanchig 180K subscribers ENJOY THIS SONG THAT I PERFORMED WITH MY DEAR DAUGHTER MARAL! This is a prominent song about strong racehorses, and the song itself is well recognized and sang by everyone in the country. ‘Hotgoidiin Unaga’ refers to a horse that of Hotgoid tribe of Mongolia. Once upon a time, there was a poor man with a beautiful light bay horse. Once he decided to race his beautiful light bay horse at the Great Naadam Festival. But when the local noble met him, he mocked at him and said “If your light bay horse wins the Naadam Festival, I’ll give you my flock of stallions.” At that festival, that beautiful light bay horse came far ahead and made the owner happy and famous. Moreover, he jumped down throat of rich nobles. Since then, the beautiful light bay horse has won seven times until its age of 25. It is worth to mention that Mongolians have been herding livestock, especially horses for thousands of years. Horses are being used by brave Mongolian men for hunting and war. Mongolian men are adorned with beautiful and good horses, who race hundreds of horses for Naadam festivals and who have revered the horses even in the coat of arms of their state. Audio: Anir sound records Video: Huleg studio *** If you like this video, please click the like button, comment, and subscribe to my channel. You can follow me on social media: Instagram: @batzorigv Facebook: @ThroatSingerBatzorigV Twitter: @Batzorig Vaanchig

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