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Sehnsucht nach dem Frühlinge (Mozart) – Anna-Maria Hefele


Sehnsucht nach dem Frühlinge (Mozart) – Anna-Maria Hefele

Published on Apr 26, 2017

MRT- Aufnahmen: Prof. Dr. med. Bernhard Richter & Dr.-Ing. Michael Burdumy http://www.mh-freiburg.de/fim Anna-Maria Hefele: Gesang, Obertongesang, Harfe | http://www.anna-maria-hefele.com/ Thomas Radlwimmer: Video | http://www.radlwimmer.at/ Musik: “Sehnsucht nach dem Frühlinge” von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart What you see in this dynamic MRI-recording is the tongue movement in the vocal tract while doing overtone singing and normal singing. The positions of the tongue forms the resoncance cavities which delete all not-wanted overtones in the sound of the voice at a certain point in time, and then amplify a single overtone that is left, which can be heard as a seperate note above the fundamental. The MRI recordings were made by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Richter, Prof. Dr. Matthias Echternach and Dr.- Ing. Michael Burdumy in the University Medical Center Freiburg, Institute for Musician’s Medicine. http://www.mh-freiburg.de/fim – thank you so much for the kind permission to use the MRI-footage in order to share this fascinating singing-insight with the world! The team of doctors in Freiburg developed a highly specialized equipment for recording and and also filtering sound in the MRI-machine. This recording is made while using a pre-produced playback on headphones in the really loud MRI-machine while lying on the back. A lot of more of very interesting MRI- and endoscopy- recordings of various singers and vocalists (classical singers, overtone singers, yodellers, beatboxers….) will be published on a DVD about end of April 2017 @ Helbling. TITLE: “Die Stimme: Einblicke in die physiologischen Vorgänge biem Singen und Sprechen” ENGLISH: “The Voice: Physiological Insights in Singing and Speaking” If you want to get INFORMED ABOUT THE RELEASE of this extraordinary DVD please SIGN UP to this mailing list: http://eepurl.com/cAYDyj in order to keep UPDATED about my activities please like my FB-page: https://www.facebook.com/amoberton and sign up for my NEWSLETTER here: http://bit.ly/1TdxQty This video is under copyright. Please feel free to repost and embedd the video while using its original YouTube-Link: https://youtu.be/d6cyHGOht58. No download & re-uploading on other websites, social networks or channels. If you want to get a license for the video or parts of it please contact me (via http://anna-maria-hefele.com/contact….) AND the copyright owners of the MRI-footage at the Institute for Musicians Medicine Freiburg (http://www.mh-freiburg.de/fim). Thanks for showing respect to the creative artist of your choice!!!


Father & Daughter Overtone Singing Duet: Nestor and Charli Kornblum


Father & Daughter Overtone Singing Duet: Nestor and Charli Kornblum

Published on Jun 6, 2017

My daughter Charli and I sing overtones together, improvising in the moment. Accompanied by the monochord, stringed ‘drone’ instrument with all the strings tuned to one single tone. The overtones of our voices create the flute-like melodies above our voices. A great joy for me to be able to sing and harmonise with my daughter! More Info on http://www.harmonicsounds.com

canon in overtonesinging by Wolfgang Saus & Anna-Maria Hefele


canon in overtonesinging by Wolfgang Saus & Anna-Maria Hefele


Published on Aug 8, 2017

famous canon sung by Wolfgang Saus & Anna-Maria Hefele at the International Congress of Voice Teachers in Stockholm, 2017. Wolfgang Saus: http://oberton.org/ Anna-Maria Hefele: http://anna-maria-hefele.com/ ICVT: https://icvt2017.com/ cought on tape by Lisa Popeil 😉



Alash Demonstrates Throat Singing Styles


Alash Demonstrates Throat Singing Styles

Ajoutée le 1 sept. 2017

Alash’s Achai is available from the Smithsonian Folkways website: http://folkways.si.edu/alash/achai Tuvan ensemble Alash demonstrates various traditional throat singing styles that they use in their music. About Achai: Achai, the Tuvan word for father, describes a deep paternal participation in the upbringing and growth of a new generation. It is also a fitting title for Alash’s new album to honor Kongar-ool Ondar, who served not only as a musical father for the ensemble, but also for an entire generation of Tuvan musicians. As Ondar shared memory and tradition, so too does Alash with spirited performances and forward-thinking collaborations. In the group’s first studio album for Smithsonian Folkways, Achai beautifully illustrates the adaptability of Tuvan music—organically created and deeply rooted, yet still interconnected with the sound world of the 21st century. Featuring master beatboxer Shodekeh, alongside time-honored Tuvan throat-singing styles, the album demonstrates how members of Alash have dedicated their lives to performing, preserving, developing, and growing the Tuvan tradition. They are worthy bearers of the culture of their fathers and sons. 57 minutes, 24-page booklet.

Kongar-ol-Ondar, Tuvan Throat-Singer


Kongar-ol-Ondar, Tuvan Throat-Singer

Ajoutée le 6 déc. 2014

An impromptu after-dinner performance with a borrowed guitar by the late great Tuvan virtuoso, Kongar-ol-Ondar, co-star of “Genghis Blues” and inspiration to physicist Richard Feynman and his friend Ralph Leighton in their quest for Tannu Tuva… See Ralph Leighton’s new book “The Legend of Ondar the Groovin’ Tuvan” in the Apple iBooks Store now! https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/lege…


Конгар оол Ондар и ансамбль Эртине / Kongar ool Ondar and the ensemble Ertine


Конгар оол Ондар и ансамбль Эртине

Kongar ool Ondar and the ensemble Ertine

Ajoutée le 22 mars 2016



Song from Tuva, different kind of khöömei styles performed by Rodion Munzuk (song + chanci)


Song from Tuva, different kind of khöömei styles performed by Rodion Munzuk (song + chanci)

Ajoutée le 6 févr. 2014

5.8.1999, Mezhegei, Khadyn, Republic of Tuva Video engineer: Riitta-Liisa Joutsenlahti Original recordings are in the library of folk music department, Sibelius-Academy, Helsinki, Finland