PARTICIPANTS OF TRAN QUANG HAI’s workshop of overtones, PONTEDERA, ITALY, 30.01.2016


TRAN QUANG HAI ‘s WORKSHOP , level beginners .


Seated from left to right : Amalia, Martha, Elisa, Trân Quang Hai, Anna Lisa, Delphina

Standing from left to right : Nathalia, Beatrice, Annlin, Luca, Alberto, Gustavo


Roberto – Trân Quang Hai


Luca – Trân Quang Hai


Barbara – Trân quang Hai


Anna Lisa – Trân Quang Hai


Trân Quang Hai – Elisa


Trân Quang Hai – Martha


Amalia – Trân Quang Hải


Luca – Trân Quang Hai


Delphina – Trân Quang_DSC7478 Hai





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