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TRAN QUANG HAI ‘s overtone singing workshop in PONTEDERA, ITALY, from 4 to 9 september 2015, organized by SPAZIO NU


TRAN QUANG HAI ‘s overtone singing workshop in PONTEDERA, ITALY, from 4 to 9 september 2015, organized by SPAZIO NU. Info:
00393491371631; 00393290908119




Workshop intensivo di canto armonico e lezione concerto con Tran Quang Hai [dal 4 al 9 Settembre 2015]

Venerdì 4 Settembre
Lezione concerto di Tran Quang Hai
ore 21:30, spazio NU

dal 5 al 9 Settembre
Workshop intensivo di canto armonico
dal 5 al 8 settembre
dalle ore 16:00 alle ore 21:00
Martedì 8 il gruppo farà una performance aperta al pubblico di coro armonico.
mercoledì 9 settembre
dalle 10 alle 14
per informazioni e prenotazioni scrivere a spazionu@gmail.com

Intensive Tran Quang Hai’ overtone singing workshop [5-9september 2015]
Khoomei or throat singing is the name used in Tuva and Mongolia to describe a large family of singing styles and techniques in which a single vocalist simultaneously produces two (or more) distinct tones. The lower one is the usual fundamental tone of the voice and sounds as a sustained drone or a Scottish bagpipe sound. The second corresponds to one of the harmonic partials and is like a resonating whistle in a high, or very high register. During the workshop, Tran Quang Hai will teach the 2 basic techniques of overtone singing:

Technique of one mouth cavity with lower series of overtones;
Technique of two mouth cavities with higher series of overtones.
Exercices for improvisation and collective creation.
Exercices for the control of each overtone
Improvement of overtones by learning how to reduce the fundamental sound
Learning of how to listen to own overtones in order to create small melodies

Tran Quang Hai ,a talented and renowned musician who comes from a family of five generations of musicians. had been working as an ethnomusicologist for the National Center for Scientific Research in France since 1968, attached to the Department of Ethnomusicology of the Musee de l’Homme. He is retired since May 2009.
His field is Vietnamese music, Overtone singing in Siberia. He is member of many international societies : Society for Ethnomusicology, ICTM (executive board member since 2005), Asian Music Society, French Society for Ethnomusicology (founding member), International Jew’s Harp Society (founding member), etc…
He has published 23 records on Vietnamese music (from 1971 to 1997), 4 DVD on overtone singing (2004, 2005, 2006), 2 DVD on traditional music of Vietnam (2000, 2009), 1 DVD on his life by the Belgian TV Production (2005), articles in New Grove Dictionary Music and Musicians (1st – 1980 and 2nd (2001) editions), New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments (1984) and some few hundreds of articles in different countries .
Recipient of the Medal of Cristal of the National Center for Scientific Research (France) in 1995 , of the Medal of the Knight of the Legion of Honour (France) in 2002, and of the Medal of Honour of Work, Grand Gold category (France) in 2009.