7 Chakras Explained and Instructions on how to Balance , USA


Ajoutée le 3 avr. 2014

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All About Chakras Part 1-

Dudley Evenson explains the function, toning, color and how to use each of the subtle energy centers of the body for greater balance and functionality. Her overview touches on the psychology of the chakras and how chakras relate to the body, mind and spirit serving as doorways or bridges between the different aspects of one’s being.

In just 12 minutes, Dudley gives you a concise, easy to understand concept of each of the seven chakras that will help you improve your relationship with these very important aspects of yourself. Understanding the chakras, how they function and knowing how to maximize their potential can be an important step toward optimal health and success in life. Dudley Evenson’s album CHAKRA MEDITATIONS & TONES is a good tool to use to enhance understanding and integration of chakras so they operate at their highest level.

On the first half of the album she explains the chakra system, and then leads guided ‘I am’ affirmations for each of the chakras accompanied by music of Dean Evenson and Scott Huckabay. She demonstrates the Vowel Toning System that fellow sound healer, Jonathan Goldman, developed. The second half of the album is pure toning featuring layers of creative tones by four-octave soprano Beth Quist. Listen carefully and you will hear the drone notes, Sanskrit bija mantras, vowel tones and the Hindustani scale all to sing along with.

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