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MICHAEL ORMISTON : biography, activities, UK


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Michael Ormiston has been composing, performing, teaching and writing about music for many years. He is a multi-instrumentalist and is currently involved as a solo performer, in a duo with Candida Valentino and a member of Hyperyak, Intervolution, Harmonic Voicings, Mysterious Tremendum, Praying for the Rain, The Suns of Arqa , VAMP, music groups and part of Jem Finer’s Longplayer. His original compositions have been used on TV (BBC and Channel 4), Theatre (Theatre de Complicite), Dance, Anusha Subramanyam , Fabrice Mazliah (Ballet Frankfurt/Forsyth Company), Spiral Arts Dance and performance (London Jazz Festival). His throat singing has been used on Hollywood Films (The Golden Compass, We Were Soldiers), and TV (BBC’s acclaimed series Planet Earth, Last of the Medicine Men). He has performed globally including for His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, The Venerable Choijampts, Head Abbot of Ganden Monastery, Ulaanbataar, Mongolia, United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. Michael is also a radio programme researcher, writer and presenter, a traditional music reviewer (Songlines magazine), a workshop leader, teacher and researcher in Mongolian music. He is one of the principal workshop leaders and performers for Eye-Music’s Colourscape. And was awarded the colourscape Rawlinson commission for “Boundless Transformations” in cooperation with Candida and Eddy Sayer.   He it a Tutorfor, The British Academy of Sound Therapy and a member of the International Sound Healers Association

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Michael specializes in Mongolian Khöömii (overtone) singing, being one of the only non-Mongolians able to sing Khöömii. He has been studying Khöömii since 1988, attending lectures by Dr Carole Pegg (Cambridge University), Tran Quang Hai (Muse de l’homme, Paris) and Dr Alan Dejaques (Lille University). He has travelled to Mongolia six times (1993/94/97/2000/05/6) where he studied Khöömii with Tserendavaa, Gereltsogt, Ganbold, Sengedorj, Tsogtbaatar, the “Cream” of Mongolia’s Khöömii singers. In 1994 Michael was given the blessing by Gereltsogt to teach the basic practices of Khöömii Singing. Since then he has given workshops, lectures and individual lessons worldwide and in the summer of 2002 Candida and Michael toured Europe with Tserendavaa who gave both of them his blessing to teach the basics of Mongolian Khöömii. In 2006 Michael was invited to perform in Mongolia with Mongolian throat singers as part of the 800th anniversary of the declaration of the Mongolian Empire.

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Michael has facilitated Khöömii and Overtone singing workshops in the U.S and Europe including at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, Greenwich University, London, The Giving Voice Festival (Wales & Poland), Gaunts House, Dorset, The New Life Centre, New York, Ballet Frankfurt, Germany, The Centre of Intercultural Harmony, Ascona, Switzerland, Trinity College Dublin with the Temenos Project, Alternatives, St James Church, London, The Eden Project, Cornwall, England

For the past fifteen years Michael has led workshops, evenings and therapy sessions in Relaxation, Meditation and Deep Listening using Tibetan Singing Bowls, ever since Khamba Lam Choijampts, the head Abbot of Ganden Monastery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia heard Michael playing them.

Michael has recorded many acclaimed CD’s please click for more information Or visit myspace pages




To see some videos please click on the titles below

Michael with Tserendavaa and Harmonic Voicings Live in Turin

Interview with Michael, performance at Alternatives, London UK

The Money King, Windsor Castle, UK,

The Hindu dance of Creation, Windsor, UK

Goat Picnic, Chandman Sum, Khovd, Mongolia 1994

Colourscape, London, UK

Info about sacred music series where Michael’ Tibetan Bowls playing is featured

Extract of the programme with Michael playing the Bowls

Info about Michael’s Appearance on BBC Radio 3, The Choir, Buddhist Chant

“Child Sex Trade That Michael Composed the music for. Youtube of The harrowing Channel 4 Cutting Edge Programme

Images of Michael working in Colourscape with special needs children

Michael has a rare collection of Mongolian instruments including the Morin Khuur, Tobshuur, Tömör Khuur, Khulsan Khuur, Limbe, Yatag, Tsuur. Among the other instruments he plays are, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Symphonic Gongs, Saz (Turkish long necked lute), Flat backed Bouzouki, Ney (Turkish end blown flute), Jew’s harps, Live electronics……

Michael wrote, researched and presented, “Echoes from Blue Heaven”, a series of 4 programmes about Mongolian Traditional music for BBC Radio3 and “The Whispering of the Stars”, the first major series (6 part) of radio programmes about Siberian Music for BBC Radio3.

In the field of Dance, Michael has worked in collaboration with the Fabrice Mazliah from Ballet Frankfurt, Anusha Subramanyam of Beeja dance Company, Spiral Art Dance Theatre, Strata performance group.

Michael and Candida Valentino have created hands on tailor made educational days for all ages exploring the culture of Mongolia.

He jointly composed the theme tune and original music for Benedict Allen’s six part series on BBC 2 about Mongolia, “Edge of Blue Heaven” and his series about Shamanism and traditional healing, “The last of the Medicine Men”. He composed the original music for the award winning Channel 4 Cutting edge programme “The Child sex Trade” and “Women in Islam” Channels Dispatches programme, Forbidden Iran and Iraq, the Road to Kirkuk.

He organised & performed his musical group, Nada a tour of Mongolia in 1994. This was the first British group to tour the provinces of Mongolia.

Michael has performed with his rare collection of Mongolian instruments, Tibetan Singing Bowls, gongs, flutes and electronics around the world including at the Montreux Jazz festival (Switzerland), The National Theatre (London), The Queen Elizabeth Hall (London), with members of Ballet Frankfurt (Germany), The Eden Project (Cornwall) and Glastonbury International Dance Festival with Spiral Arts Dance Theatre, Belfast (Northern Ireland) for H.H. The Dalai Lama, and in New York, Sri Lanka, Spain and Algeria,

For more information about Mongolian overtone singing workshops, individual lessons, performances, Tibetan Singing bowl workshops, soundtransformations workshops, concert booking, education days please contact Michael at mailto:ormi_khoomii@yahoo.com


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June 1998


With the exception of academic papers and as yet untranslated books from Russia, there are only two books available on this subject.

Jonathan Goldman :
Healing Sounds -The Power of Harmonics Element Books 1992.
A guide to vocal harmonics concentrating on their use in healing, in shamanism, in the occult and in tantric practice. There is a guide to the use of vowel sounds in toning and a chapter on overtoning.

Rollin Rachele:
Overtone Singing – a study guide
This is the only truly practical guide available to overtoning. It is suitable both for beginners and those who already know the basics. It is comprehensive, covering the history and the theory as well as being a step by step guide to the technique. Included is a CD which has over 90 vocal exercises which are musically notated in the book; an added bonus for those who can read music. Full review by James D’Angelo in Caduceus #40

Book with CD £20 + £1-42 p&p available from
Cryptic Voices Productions
BCM – Rachele
London WC1N 3XX
Tel 07000 78 55 65


Song of the Harmonics

Award winning video produced by Trân Quang Hai and Hugo Zemp in 1989. It runs 38 minutes and is designed for the general public as well as for the specialist. Includes realtime x-ray footage of lip and tongue movements and spectrographic footage of Mongolian, Tuvan and Tibetan overtone singers.
There is an English version in PAL format (as well as a French version in SECAM). For individuals the cost is 150 FF, for institutions it is 250 FF.plus 15 FF p&p

An order form is available from :
CNRS audiovisuel
1 Place Aristide Briand,
92195 Meudon Cedex
Tel 00 33 1 45 07 56 86
Fax 00 33 1 45 07 58 60

Courses, Teachers and Healers

United Kingdom

Peter Govan
Teaches overtone singing and runs voice and sound exploration workshops. Is also available for individual overtone tuition and Reiki healing sessions.
34 Marchmont Cresent
Edinburgh EH9 1HG
Tel 0131 667 9657

Joe Hoare
Uses overtoning in his Exploring Sacred Sound workshops as part of the process of self-healing.
Greenlands, Gasper, Stourton,
Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 6PY
Tel 01747 840 391
Fax 01747 840 824
email thejustlivingco@compuserve.com

Susan Lever
Teaches overtoning based on the work of Jonathan Goldman as part of her workshops in the North East of England and the London area.
1A Railway Cottages
Pinchinthorpe, nr Guisborough
TS14 8HH
Tel 01287 636 350

Michael Ormiston

Michael is at present the only teacher of authentic Mongolian xöömii in the UK, his work having been accepted by the Mongolian xöömii masters Gereltsogt and Tserendaava. He gives individual lessons and runs workshops on the techniques of Mongolian and western style overtoning.
Tel 0181 291 1089

Jill Purce
One of the first to start teaching overtones in the UK after studying with Karlheinz Stockhausen and still one of the longest established.
Inner Sound
8 Elms Avenue
London N10 2JP
Tel 0181 444 4855

Rollin Rachele
The foremost teacher in the UK for western style overtoning with a direct, practical approach which he delivers with great enthusiasm. Based in Wiltshire, he also gives workshops and teaches in London.
Cryptic Voices Productions
BCM – Rachele
London WC1N 3XX
Tel 07000 78 55 65

Amanda Relph
Works with overtone singing as part of her therapeutic work which includes colour healing, zero balancing and voice work. She also runs courses in overtone singing, chanting and breathing.
The Calcite Centre
The Old Malthouse
Westwood, Bradford on Avon
Wilts, BA15 2AG
01 225 864 905


Danny Becher
Gives concerts and seminars using overtoning and Tibetan singing bowls
Institute of Art and Sound
Deventerweg 63, 7203 Zutphen AD
The Netherlands
Tel + 31 5750 40378

David Hykes
Runs courses in overtone singing in the Paris area.
Centre Harmoniques
Pommereau, 41240 Autainville
Tel + 33 254 72 82 10
Fax + 33 254 72 82 12
email HarmonicAntenna@compuserve.com
website http://www.virtulink.com/immp/jux/j_index.htm

Jonathan Goldman

Runs workshops and intensive courses on the healing use of sound including overtoning technique mostly in the United States.
Sound Healers Association
PO Box 2240
Boulder CO, 80306 USA
Tel + 1 303 443 8181
Fax + 1 303 443 6023
email soundheals@aol.com
website http://www.healingsounds.com

Berhard Jaeger
Teaches overtone singing in Switerland. Also teaches sound healing for therapists. Uses also gongs and Tibetan Singing bowls. Instrument builder: makes monochords and monochord tables.
Palazzo Armonici
Das Tessiner – Klanghaus
CH 6661 Loco
Tel 00 41 91 797 2005

Trân Quang Haï
Based in Paris where he runs courses in overtone singing and voice technique. Also carries out research work into voice pathology.
Département d’ethnomusicologie – Musée de l’Homme
75116 Paris – France
Tel 00 331 47 04 58 63
Fax 00 331 53 70 99 82
email ethnomus@mnhn.fr
email tranqhai@club-internet.fr
website: www.tranquanghai.net
website: www.phapviet.com/tranquanghai

Marianne Wex
Teaches overtoning in Germany (North Bavaria). Does healing with colour, light and sound. Teaches healing.
D – 96126
Tel 00 49 95 32 15 74

Recommended Recordings of Mongolian Music

Most of the recordings mentioned here should be available from record shops in the UK. We have also included contact addresses for producers and UK distributors where appropriate. Wilde Ones at 283 Kings Road, London SW3 5EW has a good selection and they do mail order. Tel 0171 351 7851

Virtuousos from the Mongol Plateau.

Contains examples of long song, some xöömii and some praise songs including the amazing voice of Norovbanzad, recorded when she was in her sixties.

World Music Library. King Records. KICC 5177

Mongolie: Chamanes et Lamas (Shamans and Lamas)

Long tracks with extracts from shamanic seances and Buddhist prayers

Ocora Radio France C560059

Mongolia: Vocal and Instrumental Music

Good selection of short tracks including good examples of xöömii, also examples of long song, praise songs, morin khuur (horse head fiddle). Liner notes in French and English.

Inedit. Maison des Cultures du Monde. W260009

Jargalant Altai : Xöömii and other vocal and instrumental music from Mongolia

The best available record of contemporary Mongolian xöömii singers including some archive tracks from the sixties and seventies. Plus good liner notes.

Pan Records. PAN2050CD

Mongolia: Living Music of the Steppes

Instrumental Music and Song of Mongolia

Recordings from Mongolian Radio with a good variety of the vocal and instrumental traditions including long song, praise songs, morin khuur and jew’s harp solos as well as xöömii. Multicultural Media MCM3001

Mongolia: Traditional Music.

Not strong on xöömii but including a good selection of long songs, short songs and instrumental solos for morin khuur (horse head fiddle), tobshuur (2 stringed lute) transverse flute, jew’s harp.

UNESCO Auvidis D8207

Recommended Recordings of Tuvan Music

Huun-Huur-Tu : 60 Horses In My Herd

Master xöömii singer Kaigal-ool Khovalyg and his group perform very listenable folk music from Tuva on this studio produced album. A good introduction.

Shanachie SH 64050

Tuva: Voices from the Center of Asia

Recorded in Tuva in 1987 by Ted Levin of the Harmonic Choir, a highly-acclaimed and authentic recording. featuring numerous performers. A sampler of styles rather than a collection of songs. Excellent scholarly liner notes.

Smithsonian Folkways CD SF 40017

Tuva: Voices from the Land of the Eagles

Featuring soloists from the folk ensembles of Tuva.

Pan Records PAN 2005 CD

Tuva: Echoes from the Spirit World

Includes recordings made on tour in 1992 as well as older recordings from Soviet radio. Good liner notes explaining many ideas and terms.

Pan Records PAN 2013 CD

Deep in the Heart of Tuva : Cowboy music from the Wild East

A compilation of the best of Tuva. Includes collaborations such as Huun Huur Tu singing with the Bulgarian women’s choir and also a piece by Sainkho Namchylak a Tuvan woman singer whose free improvisations using extended vocal techniques include xöömii. Includes fascinating 64 page booklet produced by “The Friends of Tuva”.

Ellipsis Arts ELLICD – 4050

distributed in the UK by Sterns

Recommended Recordings of Tibetan Tantric Chanting

Incorrectly referred to as overtone chanting, the Tibetan “one voice chord” is more accurately referred to as Tantric chanting. There are two styles, the Gyuto and the Gyume.

Gyuto Monks : Tibetan Tantric Choir

Long tracks. An excellent recording of this particular style of singing.

Windham Hill WD 2001 (1987)
Gyuto Monks : Freedom Chants from the Roof of the World

First two tracks of Buddhist chanting are excellent recordings. Last track is more of a response to this style of music from musicians such as Kitaro,
Micky Hart and Philip Glass

RykoDisk RCD 20113

Sacred Music, Sacred dance for Planetary Healing and World Purification: Tibetan Buddhist Monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery.

A good one according to Frank Perry.

Music and Arts CD 736

Sacred Ceremonies : Monks of the Dip Tse Chok Ling Monastery

Gyume Chant in a ritual from a monastery in Dharamsala, Nepal recorded digitally by David Parsons. Each singer produces a chord containing two or three tones through the manipulation of overtones. The use of Tibetan drums, cymbals, horns and oboes make this an exhilarating album.

Fortuna 17074

Distributed by Celestial Harmonies

Sacred Ceremonies : Monks of the Dip Tse Chok Ling Monastery Vol 2
Fortuna 17079
Distributed by Celestial Harmonies

Tibet, The Heart of Dharma : the music and lives of exiled Tibetan monks.

A very unusual form of Gyuto chanting. Recorded in 1987-8. Dramatic and haunting album. Plus 64 page booklet with good photographs and information.

Ellipsis Arts ELLICD 4050

Distributed in the UK by Sterns

Sacred Healing Chants of Tibet: Monks of Gaden Shartse monastery

From a Tibetan Buddhist colony in S. India.

East West Music EW 7635

Tantric Harmonics

Good recording of Gyume Chanting
ORB 2934

Recommended Recordings of Western Overtoning

Jonathan Goldman : Angel of Sound

A “sonic environment” that invokes the energies of sacred sound using Tibetan Overtone Chanting, bells, bowls, Native American Flute, Vocal Harmonics and Drums. Each side of this cassette is the same

Spirit Music JSG 44007

Tape £8-25 plus £1-95 p&p from Susan Lever

Jonathan Goldman – Trance Tara

A trance inducing musical offering to Tara, the Tibetan Goddess of Compassion and Protection. Uses Tibetan Overtone Chanting, Singing Bowls and drumming.

CD 77007 and Cassette from Spirit Music

Available from Wilde Ones.

David Hykes & Harmonic Choir : Hearing Solar Winds:

The first album by Western harmonic singer, David Hykes and his choir who create harmonically related chords that are hypnotic and enchanting to hear. An undisputed classic

Ocora 558607 (1983)

David Hykes & Harmonic Choir : Current Circulation

On this album the singers create new melodies and chords by simultaneously moving both the

harmonic and fundamental notes, sometimes in converging directions, or by holding the high harmonic while varying the fundamental. The result is shimmering and timeless.

Celestial Harmonies 13010-2 (1984)

David Hykes & Harmonic Choir : Harmonic Meetings

Recorded in Le Thoronet Abbey and based on the sacred art of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The chants includes sacred words “Hallelujah” and “Kyrie” chosen for their harmonic content. This is a double album.

Celestial Harmonies 14013-2 (1986)

David Hykes & Harmonic Choir : Windhorse Riders

David Hykes, voice, tanpura, jews harp, samples; Djamchid Chemirani, zarb;

Zameer Ahmed, tabla; Eric Barret, voice

A collaboration with master percussionist Djamchid Chemirani, based on the connections between Harmonic Chant, melody and rhythm

New Albion NA024 (1989)

David Hykes with Djamchid Chemirani : Let the Lover Be

Harmonic Chant plus poetic texts with Rumi translations and poems by Hykes.

Auvidis A 6169 (1991)

David Hykes : True to the Times (How to Be?)

David Hykes, voice, windharp, organ, keyboard; Peter Biffin, dobro; Bruno Caillat, zarb, daff; Tony Lewis, tabla

On this album Hykes’ intention is to develop Harmonic chant into “a unified field joining chant, mode, text and rhythm”.

New Albion NA057 (1993)

David Hykes & Harmonic Choir : Earth to the Unknown Power

A live album which brings the extraordinary acoustic of the Thoronet Abbey in France to The Kitchen, New York City by telephone link. Includes Le Souffle du Seigneur, Sufi poems about Christ.

BMG Classics/Catalyst (1996).

David Hykes & Harmonic Choir : Breath of the Heart

The latest album from David Hykes.

Fonix (October 1997)

All David Hykes’ albums are also available from the Centre Harmoniques (address above under Courses and Teachers – Overseas) Alternatively phone Teri McKenzie + 1 253 473-3933 or email on mandorla@foxinternet.net

Nigel Charles Halfhide : Movements of Mind

Entrancing overtone singing as intercultural music with Halfhide accompanied by tambura and harmonium. Jecklin Disco JD 615-2

Nigel Charles Halfhide : Colours of Silence

Nigel sings beautiful overtones, accompanying himself on tambura and harmonium.

Jecklin Disco JD 634-2

Frank Perry: Infinite Peace

A long overtoning track “Golden City of Peace”.

Mountain Bell BL002

Cassette. Plus now available on CD direct from the composer. Reviewed in Caduceus issue 41 .

Frank Perry: Belovodye

Primarily a singing bowl album but Including an impressive track of Tibetan tantric chant with didgeridoo.

Isis Records CD IS03

CD and cassette from the composer

Rollin Rachele : Sound Reflections

Solo virtuoso overtoning album.

Cryptic Voices CD 001

Rollin Rachele : Whistling Pastimes

Overtone singing using Indian ragas and tambura drone.

Cryptic Voices CD 002

Rollin Rachele : Harmonic Divergence

Breaks new ground in the field of overtoning using multitracking, imaginative and original instrumental backings – even a choir of frogs.

(to be released summer 98)

Cryptic Voices

Giacinto Scelsi : Canti del Capricorno

Michiko Hirayama sings these 20 songs with different accompaniments by Giacinto Scelsi, a classical composer whose style went beyond traditional compositional methods and in this case used overtoning.

Wergo 60127-50

Karlheinz Stockhausen : Stimmung (1968)

Singcircle version of the earliest piece of classically composed music to use overtoning.

Hyperion CDA 66115

Karlheinz Stockhausen : Stimmung

Paris version in two recordings on two CDs

available on the Stockhausen Verlag Complete Edition Vol. 12.

Michael Vetter : Overtones in Old European Cathedrals – Senanque

Michael Vetter studied with Karlheinz Stockhausen and also lived as a monk in Japan for 11 years. His music has a pure and meditative quality. Many of his other albums are more instrumental but these two are the best for showing what he can do with overtoning.

Wergo SM 1078 – 50

Michael Vetter : Overtones in Old European Cathedrals – Thoronet

Wergo SM 1080 – 50

Recordings for learning overtoning

Jonathan Goldman : Harmonic Journeys

An instructional tape with exercises designed to accompany the book “Healing Sounds”

Tape £9-50 plus £1-95 p&p from Susan Lever

Jill Purce : Overtone Chanting

This 60 minute cassette starts with a ten minute radio interview with Jill Purce and some of the people who have studied with her followed by a sound meditation with solo and group overtone chanting.

Cassette £6-95 plus 60p p&p

Available only from Inner Sound

Jill Purce : The Healing Voice

A lecture and demonstration of overtoning given by Jill in Prague in 1992.

Cassette £6-95 plus 60p p&p

Available only from Inner Sound

Rollin Rachele : Overtone Singing – a study guide

Book (fuller details above) plus CD £20 + £1-42 p&p available from

Cryptic Voices

Addresses of Record Companies and Distributors

Most ofl the recordings referred to should be available from record shops but if you have any problems here are details of the record companies and/or their UK distributors.

47, rue Paul Vaillant-Couturier
BP 21
Tél +33 1 46 15 36 85
Fax +33 1 47 40 36 85

Celestial Harmonies
PO Box 30122, Tuscon, Arizona, 85751
Tel + 1 520 326 4400
Fax +1 520 326 3333
Distributed in the United Kingdom by
Select Music and Video Distribution
34a Holmethorpe Avenue.
Redhill, Surrey, RH1 2NN
Tel: 01 737 76 00 20
Fax: 01 737 76 63 16
E-Mail: select-music@msn.comCelestial Harmonies website is at

Cryptic Voices
BCM – Rachele
London WC1N 3XX
Tel 07000 785565

Hyperion Records
Distributed in UK by
Select Music & Video Distribution
(contact details as for Celestial Harmonies)
Hyperion Records website is at

Inner Sound
8 Elms Avenue
London N10 2JP
Tel 0181 444 4855

Jecklin Musikhaus, am Pfauen, Rämistrasse 30,
8024 Zürich 1
Tel. + 41 1 261 77 33
Fax + 41 1 251 41 02
email jecklin@bluewin.ch
website (in German only) http://www.jecklin.ch/

King Records,
12-13, 2-Chome,
Otowa, Bunkyo-Ku,
Tokyo 112, Japan.

Susan Lever “Harmony”
1A Railway Cottages
Pinchinthorpe, nr Guisborough
TS14 8HH
Tel 01287 63 63 50

Maison Des Cultures Du Monde,
101 Bd Raspail,
75006, Paris, France.

Multicultural Media,
RR3, Box 6655, Granger Road,
Barre, Vermont 05641, USA
Tel: +1 802 223-1294
Fax: + 1 802 229-1834
email: mcm@multiculturalmedia.com
Website http://www.multiculturalmedia.com

Music and Arts Programs of America Inc
PO Box 771, Berkeley CA
94701 USA
Tel + 1 510 525 4583
Fax + 1 510 524 2111

New Albion Records
584 Castro St #525,
San Francisco, CA 94114, USA
Tel + 1 800 736 0792
Fax + 1 415 621 4711
email ergo@newalbion.com
website http://newalbion.com/

Ocora Radio France
Distributed in the UK by
Harmonia Mundi (UK) Ltd
19-21 Nile Street,
London N1 7LL
information Tel 0171 608 2787
orders Tel 0171 253 0863
email info.uk@harmoniamundi.com

Oreade Music
PO Box 237
2100 AE Heemstede,
Tel + 31 23 548 3535
Fax + 31 23 528 2500
email info@oreade.com
website http://www.oreade.com

Pan Records,
P.O. Box 155,
2300 AD Leiden,

Frank Perry
4 Drake Close
Ringwood, Hants
BH24 1UG
Tel 01 425 470 168

Shanachie Entertainment Corp.
13 Laight Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10013
Phone + 1 212 334-0284
Fax +1 212 334-5207
e-mail shanach@idt.net
website http://www.shanachie.com/

Smithsonian Folkways
Mail Order
955 L’Enfant Plaza, SW, Suite 7300
MRC 953
Washington, DC 20560
Tel + 1 301 443 2314
Fax + 1 301 443 1819
email folkways@aol.com

Spirit Music
PO Box 2240
Boulder CO, 80306 USA
Tel + 1 303 443 8181
Fax + 1 303 443 6023
email soundheals@aol.com
website http://www.healingsounds.com

293 Euston Road
London NW1 3AD
Tel 0171 387 5550
Fax 0171 388 2756
email dave@sternsmusic.com
Stockhausen Verlag,
Kettenberg 15,
51515 Kürten, Germany,
Fax + 49 2268 1813

Wergo is published by
Schott Wergo Music Media GmbH,
Postfach 36 40,
D-55026 Mainz,

Wilde Ones
283 Kings Road
London SW3 5EW
Tel 0171 351 7851
shop and mail order.

Windham Hill Records
Box 9388
Stanford CA
94305 USA
Tel +1 415 329 0647
website http://www.windham.com


Mongolian and Tuvan Overtone singing

Mongolian Arts and Culture


A general site from the Soros foundation, a page of links on Mongolian culture. including info on newsgroups, an FAQ on the yurt (traditional nomadic home) a guide to publications about Mongolia and the Mongolian language.

Introduction to Mongolian Art, Folk Tradition and Music


Includes a section on folk song, folk instruments and a de……ion of the various techniques of xöömii (throat singing).

Ulan Bator Foundation


This is the homepage of a company that runs tours to Mongolia. It includes a section on Mongolian Music.

Throat Singing Society


From Japan we have a student society whose site (in English) has a downloadable clips of Mongolian and Tuvan throat singing (xöömii), with online instructions on how to do it plus other info on Mongolian music such as the horse head fiddle.

Friends of Tuva on the World Wide Web


Richard Feynman, the physicist was fascinated by Tuvan throat singing and was in the middle of negotiations with the Soviet authorities to travel out there when he died. This page which is part of the site dedicated to his work, includes a good set of links on Tuvan, Mongolian and Siberian music
plus extensive discographies.

Greetings from Mongolia


This is the website of the Golomt Center for Shamanist Studies, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It includes an online course on Mongolian Shamanism and some delightful myths from Mongolian and other Siberian peoples.

The Last Siberian Shamans


Part of the website of the Novosibirsk Regional Studies Museum. It has good photographs of Siberian Shamans and their rituals.

Western Overtone singing

Healing Sounds


The home page for Jonathan Goldman’s record label Spirit Music, including information on his training in the use of sacred sound and information on the Sound Healers Association.

David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir


David Hykes’ home page includes a biography, a list of albums a gallery of images and a calendar of concerts and workshops all over the world.

Michael Vetter


Home page (in German only, I’m afraid) I’m sure giving lots of information on Vetter’s philosophy of healing and music.

Trân Quang Hai


Homepage (in English and French). You can find many articles written by Trân Quang Hai in English and French, and a very long list of websites concerning every aspect of throat singing in the world. The most updated listing on overtones so far !

Caduceus would like to thank Michael Ormiston, Rollin Rachele, Judi Smith Rachele, Frank Perry and Trân Quang Hai for their help in the preparation of this guide. We have checked the information to the best of our ability but cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions. If you find any please let us know.


The Institute of Living Voice Shaping the songs of the 21st century, BELGIUM


The Institute of Living Voice

Shaping the songs of the 21st century.

What is it?
Beginning in 2001/2002, The Institute of Living Voice will offer workshops, seminars, master classes, solo concerts, community projects, and intensive master/student relationships with the world’s most exciting singers.

What will it offer?
From post-modern pop & electronic hip-hop, to opera & bel canto, from the “extended voice” of 20th century rnusic to traditional ethnic/cultural songs, from sound poetry to the poetry of jazz, from art song & chanson to extreme vocals. New jazz, ambient chant, a cappella, avant-garde, improvisation, alternative rock, world and choral music all find an equal place in the courses and programming of The Institute of Living Voice. (see list of possible Master Singers attached)

Why a new institution about singing?
The human voice stands at a unique crossroads at this change of millennium. Never before have so many kinds of singing, so many song-styles existed at the same moment, informing and inspiring each other. And never before have so many voices and styles disappeared at such an astonishing rate.

The Institute of Living Voice believes in the power and equality of the human voice. The highly diverse styles, traditions, and modes of human singing are presented as vital, ongoing expressions of the human spirit and body. The Institute aims to erase the borderlines between entertainment, classical, world, experimental, art, and traditional singing by presenting a vital living mix of 21st century Master Singers who, together, sow the seeds of future song.

How will It work?
Twice a year The Institute will present 5-15 day programs open to professional singers, artists, students, teachers, and anyone interested in the power and diversity of the human voice.

Each session of The Institute presents a curriculum of four very different styles. Each participant in a session take two active workshops with, for example Diamanda Galas and Joseph Shambalala; Joan LaBarbara and Blixe Bargeld; Bjork and David Moss; Hildegard Behrens and Arto Lindsay; Caetano Velose and Meredith Monk; Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Yma Sumac; Bobby McFerrin and Cheb Khaled; Ernst Jandl and Tom Waits; Mongolian overtone singing and Laurie Anderson.

Each 15 day session offers four Master Classes to observe or participate in; four concerts by Master singers; and round-table seminars about the human voice.

Additionally. The Institute offers dedicated participants the chance to take part in one longer project led by a Master singer (in collaboration with a local theater, school, or art institute) with the goal of a live music/theater performance in Gent and/or around Belgium.

The Institute offers “voice choices” (concentrations), over 2-3 year periods, in the following areas improvisation, extended vocal techniques, songs (singing and creating), the art of performance, finding your unique voice, traditional vocal techniques, extreme voice, singing for pleasure, voice in theater and dance.

Who can take part?
The Institute of Living Voice offers 6 kinds of participation

  • 1. For professional singers and performers a 1, or 2, year “course” consisting of 5, or 10, workshops, culminating in a solo performance by each member.
  • 2. For artists, musicians, non-professional singers 2 workshops each session which connect diverse vocal fields; plus a basic workshop for “opening the voice” each spring, and an advanced workshop, “Finding your own voice”, each autumn.
  • 3. For students, general public, young people 2 shorter workshop/seminars each session which allow participants to sample varied voice styles.
  • 4. For teachers, musicologists, archivists a resource for research and a tool for training.
  • 5. For local schools One 15-21 day workshop each session works with local students from an art/music/theater background to create an actual performance piece, or to make vocal music for a theater/music piece in collaboration with a theater director or composer.
  • 6. For audiences the chance to hear solo/duo concerts by powerful singers from around the world in an intimate and non-commercial setting. Each 15 day session presents at least 4 concerts or open-to-the-public master classes by participating workshop leaders.

The Institute of Living Voice presents the wide world of singing under one roof (something never done before). It offers young singers the chance to find their own voices in the company of great vocalists. And it offers Master Singers a stimulating and relaxed opportunity to hear and/or work with their peers; to experiment and try new combinations; to pass on their heritage and styles; to find and develop new young voices; and to create the songs of the 21st century.

When will it be?
The first session is planned to take place at the Vooruit Arts Center in Gent, Belgium from September 17 through September 31, 2001. An official Press Conference is set for May 18, 2001, but preliminary details (subject to change) are as follows:

  • Tran Quang Hai will lead a 5-6 day workshop in overtone/multitone singing beginning 9/17.
  • David Moss leads a 10 day workshop on voice, songs, improvisation, sound-stories 9/17-26.
  • Susannah Self will lead a 4-5 day workshop on classical voice in performance 9/23-27.
  • Cheryl Barker will direct a 1-2 day Master class.
  • Catherine Jauniaux will lead a 4 day workshop on songs and improvisation 9/27-30.
  • Diamanda Galas will perform a special solo concert and lead students through the process of a recent piece at a nearby castle.
  • Other Master Singers will be invited.
  • A series of “Singing Stories”, discussion/meetings with Master Singers, will take place.
  • A series of solo/duo voice concerts in intimate settings is planned.

Plans for Session #2 in Brugges include Meredith Monk, Blixa Bargeld, Phil Minton, Greetje Bijma.
Plans for Session #3 in Antwerp include Joan LaBarbara, Iva Bittova, Screaming Men Choir-Finland.

Founder and Artistic Director David Moss
Project Director Guy Coolen

The Institute of Living Voice is a cooperative project of Muziektheater Transparant, Antwerp and David Moss, supported by the Flemish Ministry of Culture.

Info/Applications: Wouter van Houy, Muziektheater Transparant
Address: Lange Nieuwstraat 43, B-2000 Antwerp
E-mail: wouter@transparant.be
Telephone: 0032/3/225 1702/1652 Fax

OVERTONE SINGING WORKSHOP con Tran Quang Hai, 21 febbraio 2015 – 22 febbraio 2015, Piazza Donatori del Sangue 1, Carugate (MI)



IV Appuntamento con ESPACE VOCAL (II edizione)
Il canto armonico, detto anche canto difonico, diplofonico e triplofonico, ed in inglese overtone singing, è una tecnica nella quale il cantante sfrutta le risonanze che si creano nel tratto vocale (tra le corde vocali e la bocca) per far risaltare gli armonici presenti nella voce. In questo modo una singola voce può produrre simultaneamente due o più suoni distinti.
Khoomei o il canto di gola è il nome usato in Tuva e in Mongolia per descrivere diversi stili di canto e tecniche in cui un solo cantante produce contemporaneamente due (o più) toni distinti; il più basso è il tono fondamentale della voce e suona come un ronzio costante simile al timbro della cornamusa scozzese, il secondo corrisponde ad una delle parziali armoniche ed è come un fischio che risuona a tonalità molto elevate.
Durante il workshop, Tran Quang Hai, uno dei più importanti esperti mondiali di canto difonico, insegnerà le 2 tecniche di base del canto armonico:
  • Tecnica di una cavità orale con il registro basso degli armonici;
  • Tecnica di due cavità della bocca con una maggiore serie di sfumature;
  • Esercizi di improvvisazione e creazione collettiva;
  • Esercizi pe ridurre il suono fondamentale;
  • Impare ad ascoltare il propio tono al fine di creare piccole melodie.


allievo effettivo:

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135 euro (allievi Espace Mont Rose)


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