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モンゴル国ホーミーコンクール優勝 Mongol Khoomei-MusicQlip, MONGOLIA


Mise en ligne le 25 juil. 2009第一回モンゴル国ホーミーコンクール優勝のボルドエルデネさんがモンゴル国で制作した­ミュージッククリップです。お問い合わせはこちら→

Unreal: Mongolian Throat Singing, MONGOLIA


Mise en ligne le 10 nov. 2006


My sister told me that I HAD TO check out Mongolian Throat Singing when I was in Mongolia. I had no idea what to expect. What I found was a strong form of music, an unbelievable use of the vocal chords to create sound vibrations. You could literally feel them in your chest!

Mongolia is a vast, empty space – the least densely populated place in the world. And yet this music is so full, deep and rich. It is haunting hearing it boom out into the nothingness.

NOTE: Please check out the newer, shorter version of this film here:

Tran Quang Hai – “Omaggio a Demetrio Stratos ’08”, ITALY


Mise en ligne le 18 août 2008

Tran Quang Hai durante la prima serata della rassegna musica diversa “Omaggio a Demetrio Stratos ’08”

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