This is my paper presented at the Symposium on Polyphony taking place in Tbilissi, Georgia.

I am going to give herewith an introduction of my paper. The rest of my paper can be found on the link above .


Research can be done in many ways: by means of observation of native performers after on or more visits to the country concerned., or by means of practising  instruments and vocal training aimed at a better understanding of the musical structure employed by the population being studied.

My own research does not belong to either of these two categories since I have never been to Mongolia and I have never learned the KHOOMEI style (throat singing) from a Mongolian teacher. What I am going to describe for you here is the result of my own experiments which will enable anyone to produce two simultaneous sounds similar to Mongolian and Tuvin overtone singing.

etc……(further reading from the link above)


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