Tyva Kyzy – Chandagajty (trad. – Arr. Tumat Choduraa), TUVA


Published on Mar 6, 2012
Tyva Kyzy:
Choduraa Tumat:
singing: khoomei, sygyt, kargyraa, ezenggileer and chylandyk.
Instruments: doshpuluur, ighil, byzaanchy, khomus and chadagan
Аilanmaa Damyran
singing: khoomei, sygyt, borbangnadyr and damyrak borbangy
Instruments: ighil, khomus and doshpuluur
Altynay Khuurak:
instrument: chadagan
Sholbana Denzin
singing: khoomei, sygyt and kargyraa
Instruments: doshpuluur, igil, khomus

This video was recorded in Bimhuis Amsterdam for VPRO, Vrije Geluiden

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