MICHAEL ORMISTON: Traditional Music of Mongolia / discography


Traditional music of Mongolia


I wrote this brief overview in 1994, it will be updated as and when I find the time If you would like to comment, make any corrections and add new insights, then please email me at  ormi_khöömii@yahoo.com


Also check out Carole Peggss excellent book (2001) Mongolian Music, Dance & Oral Narrative (University of Washington Press ISBN 0 295 98030 3) for a real in depth insight.


Vocal Music of Mongolia


Long Song (Urtyn Duu) Short Song (Bogino Duu)  Praise Songs (Magtaal) Epics (Tuul) & Legends (Domog) 

Khöömii Mongolian Overtone Singing, Amaar Limbedekh (imitation of flute with the voice)


Instrumental Music of Mongolia


Amaan Khuur (sometimes Khel Khuur, Khel means tongue) Jews harps

Tömör Khuur Khulsan Khuur (Bamboo Mouth Harp)



Morin Khuur (horse head fiddle)


Tobshuur (2 striing fretless plucked lute)


Limbe (transverse mirliton flute)


Tsuur (Three holed vertical end blown flute with vocal drone)


Yatag (half tube plucked zither with movable bridges)


Shudraga or Shanz (Three stringed fretless snakeskin lute)


Khuuchir and Dorvon Chikhtei Khuur (two and four stringed spiked fiddle)


Yochin (Hammered Dulcimer)


More instruments and picture updates to be continued….


Here is some information that I have found on the net.


              Mongolian Traditional Music adapted from Boris Avramets


             Traditional Songs and Dances of Mongolia by Ensemble Tumbash



             By D. Shandagdorji, P. Khorloo, N. Zantsannoro


             Mongolian Music by the ENSEMBLE EGSCHIGLEN


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