FOBOS: Weather in Kyzyl/Tuva
Kyzyl Weather


Music of Tuva

Khoomei In Tuva
The Khoomei Centre in Kyzyl is now online at (also at ).

Overtone Singing – Theory and Instruction 
A selection of items about overtone singing, and how to learn to sing. 

Tuvan National Orchestra
The Tuvan National Orchestra reflects Tuva’s complex cultural history, combining traditional Tuvan instruments, traditional Russian instruments, “modified” Tuvan instruments from Soviet times, and Western classical instruments. The musicians also sing, and the majority of the Orchestra’s repertoire uses voices as well as instruments.

Discography of Tuvan, Mongolian, and Siberian music 
A list of all the music I’ve been able to catalogue. This periodically falls out of date as I get behind in my work.

Throat Singing Societies 
Overtone enthusiasts from around the world. 

Tuvan Musicians 
WWW pages and news items devoted to the musicians of Tuva.

Tuvan Musical Instruments
Here’s all we know about making, acquiring, and using Tuvan musical instruments. 

Overtone Singers From Around the World 
WWW pages and news items devoted to those who were not fortunate enough to have been born Tuvan, but who have since learned the ways of khoomei. 

Lyrics to the Genghis Blues CD 
Lyrics to the CD featuring Paul Pena and Kongar-ol Ondar, as well as Paul’s tale of his journey through the world of throat singing, description of the songs, an overview of khöömei, and more.

Genghis Blues Radio
Streaming khoomei, 24 hours a day!  Click on the link corresponding to your connection speed.

Tuva Ensemble Live: Review
A review of the Tuva Ensemble’s live CD.

2002 Khoomei Symposium
Took place in Kyzyl; read the detailed announcement here or see their WWW site at .

American Cowboys in Mongolia
An NPR news item (audio) on some cowboy musicians that visited Mongolia.

Collection of Throat-Singing Videos
A cool collection of videos of various throat-singers.

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