Rollin Rachele “Overtone Singing” Music Video, USA


Uploaded on Jan 28, 2008
Rollin Rachele ( is one of the world’s leading authorities on the vocal art of overtone singing (also known as harmonic singing). He is an accomplished musician, performing artist, teacher and innovator.

He has contributed his scientific knowledge to academic establishments such as the American Laryngological Voice Research and Education Foundation and The Voice Foundation of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

His media appearances are numerous, including several television appearances, radio interviews and feature articles in publications such as the Evening Standard and Men’s Health magazine.

In this music video arrangement, Rollin Rachele is accompanied by Celtic artist Kate McKenzie and Classical Indian vocalist Ustad Mohammed Sayeed Khan. The video was filmed in Bath, England and the soundtrack was recorded and engineered at the Notre Dame Church in Leicester Square in London.

Performed by:
Rollin Rachele, Kate McKenzie, Ustad Mohammed Sayeed Khan

Soundtrack Engineered by:
Pete Townsend

Video Directed and Edited by:
Andrew Guidone, Valery Lyman, Shetal Shah

Director of Photography:
Andrew Guidone

Valery Lyman, Shetal Shah

Music copyright 2000-2012 Cryptic Voices Productions
Video production copyright 2000-2012 Python/Aquarius Productions and Cryptic Voices Productions

Director website:

Rollin website:,

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