UMNGQOKOLO – Thembu Xhosa – OVERTONE SINGING filmed 1985-1998 in South Africa


Published on May 17, 2012
All these video recordings were made by Prof.Dr. Dave Dargie in South Africa from 1985 and 1998 among the Xhosa tribe .
Mrs. Nowxayilethi Mbizweni sings the song “the Nondel’ekhaya with “ordinary” umnqokolo, umngqokolo ngomqangi and normal voice .
The trio perform Nondel’ekhaya with “ordinary” umngqokolo (Nowayilethi tried ngomqangi, but was battling with “flu”)
Concert at Ngqoko, 22 march 1996 . Nowayilethi and Nosomething lead the Ngqoko group with umngqokolo etc…..
Contact : Prof.Dr. Dave Dargie,

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