Tserendavaa “Heaven’s Will” DVD London Concert Promo


Uploaded on Nov 13, 2010
Tserendavaa in Concert : 45 mins : Tserendavaa performed with Michael Ormiston & Candida Valentino in London as part of his European Tour organised by them.
1. Monks Blessing. 2. Altai Magtaal 3. Khosmoljin Khöömii
4. Seven Khöömii techniques 5. Isgeree (Whistling) 6. Biyelegee (dance)
7. Legend of Khookhoo Namjil 8. Buyant Gol (Khosmoljiin Khöömii)
9. Geriin Magtaal 10. Dorvon Nastai/Dorvon Uul/Amazing Grace
Tserendavaa – Khöömii, Isgeree, Khailakh, Tobshuur, Morin Khuur
Michael Ormiston – Morin Khuur, Khöömii
Candida Valentino – Tomor Khuur (Jew’s Harp), Khöömii
this is part two of Tserendavaa’s “Heavens Will” DVD
This is a compressed extract of the concert.
To Buy the full quality DVD please visit

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